F1s next supernova may be the 20-year-old British hunk

 F1s next supernova may be the 20-year-old British hunk

The 20-year-old McLaren driver Norris finished third in the F1 Austrian Grand Prix last night, and he is also the third young driver to reach the podium in F1 history.

McLaren driver Norris is only 20 years old. Figure / F1 official website

There were frequent accidents in the race. When the safety car drove out of the track for the third time, there were only 11 laps left. But it was the last few laps that brought the opening war to a dramatic climax. Originally expected to be on the podium, ALBEN collided with Hamilton, the car was damaged and finally withdrew from the race. Hamilton, who was in second place, was fined 5 seconds, which let leclere, Peres and Norris see the opportunity behind him.

Norris overtook Peres to fourth place with tire advantage. Benefited from Hamiltons penalty, Norris became the third young driver to climb the podium in F1 history with 20 years old, 7 months and 22 days.

After driving across the finish line, Norris was once excited to swear, and then quickly changed his words, I dont want to celebrate too much now. When entering the award area, Norris, who had been unable to calm down, directly knocked down the number plate in front of the car.

Im a little speechless now, I was a little disappointed at a few points in the game, I fell to fifth place, but I finally overtook Peres, and then I suddenly appeared on the podium. Norris said he had been sprinting hard in the last few laps and was a bit out of breath.

Without spraying each other with champagne, the winners could only cheer themselves up. Figure / F1 official website

Norris said the team had told him about Hamiltons five second penalty when he overtook Peres in the final laps. I dont know how far away it is from Hamilton, but I know Ill have a chance if I try my best. In the last lap, Norris Shengsheng swiped the fastest lap speed of the race, not only for the team to get one more point points, more importantly, the time difference with Hamilton to less than 5 seconds, to ensure that he boarded the podium.

Norris was born in England on November 13, 1999. He began his karting career at the age of 9. In the past few years, Norris has almost reached a higher level in a year. At the age of 15, Norris won the British F4 championship, and at the age of 17, he won the European F3 driver championship. In the same year, he became McLaren test driver and reserve driver. Last season, Norris officially became the McLaren driver, and Sains played together. Last year in the Bahrain Grand Prix, Norris, who finished sixth, won F1 points for the first time. This seasons opening game, Norris has set a new start and finish the best results.

Over the past few years, McLarens results have not been satisfactory, but Norris has given hope to the outside world. After the opening ceremony, McLaren team gained 26 points. The last time they got more than 26 points in a single game was in Australia in 2014. We are proud of our position a few years ago and the progress we have made last year and this year. Norris said.