Huang Zhifengs withdrawal from Hong Kong

 Huang Zhifengs withdrawal from Hong Kong

According to Hong Kong, an insider said that Huang Zhifeng and Zhou Ting had been using their private accounts to accept donations and directly control the funds of Hong Kong consensus, a Hong Kong Independence organization. According to the source, there are about HK $21.66 million in the Hong Kong Zhongzhi account, which is mainly used for daily operation, as well as the lawyers fees faced by members after being arrested for participating in violent demonstrations.

The source also showed the accounts, which showed that the accounts of Huang Zhifeng and Zhou Ting were HK $16.21 million and HK $3.95 million respectively. He revealed that as early as the decision to legislate on Hong Kongs national security law, Huang Zhifeng thought of a way out and planned to abscond to the US consulate in Hong Kong to seek asylum. Huang Zhifeng and Zhou Ting had a private talk about the issue of money, and then Luo Guancong also appeared.

The Beijing daily client reporter noted that Hong Kongs national security law came into effect on the evening of June 30, and Huang Zhifeng, Zhou Ting and Luo Guancong, three leaders of the Hong Kong Independence organization, announced their withdrawal on social media in the morning. Among them, Luo Guancong wrote on July 2 that he had left Hong Kong, but did not disclose his current location.

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