Back to goal straight up and down hook! West broakos two masterpieces in 18 days

 Back to goal straight up and down hook! West broakos two masterpieces in 18 days

On June 18, LaCO drew 2-2 away to Oviedo in the 33rd round of West B. At one point 0-2 down, Sabin made up time in the first half using a backtick for LaCO.

When Sabin shot, the angle was very small, he was very close to the baseline. Sabins shot didnt get full force, but it just happened to kick a slow curve. Oviedos goalkeeper was Real Madrids Ukrainian goalkeeper, but lunin stood still and watched the ball fall from his head into the net.

In the 38th round of West B which ended in the early morning of this year, Santos also contributed an inverted tick reversal for LaCO. Ruiz left pass, Santos restricted area middle road high jump hanging gold hook. This shot also did not give full force, but the angle was extremely tricky, the ball fell into the top right corner of the goal with a small arc. The goal at the end of the first half helped LaCO reverse the 2-1 win over wesca.

In a short period of 18 days, LaCO has contributed two magic inverted hooks to world football. With four rounds left in the West B, LaCO scored 48 points, ranking 15th, four points higher than the relegation zone. For lako, who has been at the bottom for a long time this season, the biggest goal is to successfully avoid relegation. When LaCO will return to La Liga is a big question mark.

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