Guangdong team arrives in Qingdao Yi Jianlian stays in Dongguan due to injury

 Guangdong team arrives in Qingdao Yi Jianlian stays in Dongguan due to injury

At noon on the 6th, the defending champion Guangdong team arrived in Qingdao. In addition to the 9 teams arrived in the early stage, all 10 teams in Dongguan competition area have completed the transition. On the 7th, the second phase of the CBA rematch will officially kick off.

According to CBAs plan, the 10 teams in Dongguan should take two flights to complete the transition. However, as the host of Dongguan competition area, Guangdong team, the defending champion, did not follow the action of the big army, but chose to arrive in Qingdao by ordinary flight on the 6th. Among the Guangdong team members, general manager Zhu Fangyu and main force Yi Jianlian did not show up. It is understood that Yi Jianlian was injured in training and is currently recuperating in Dongguan. He will soon go to Qingdao to join the army.

After the Guangdong team arrived in Qingdao, the Qingdao organizing committee opened a green channel to deliver the team to Laoshan competition area, and conduct nucleic acid detection for all members according to regulations. With the experience of the first stage, the second stage of nucleic acid detection, all of the staff to the room of the team members for separate detection, to avoid personnel gathering. According to the regulations, Guangdong team in the nucleic acid test results before the furnace, all isolation in their respective rooms. Although late to a day, and have to wait for nucleic acid test results, but this will not affect the Guangdong teams preparation. According to the schedule, they will welcome the first match of the second stage in the afternoon of the 8th against the host Qingdao Guoxin double star team.

According to the schedule, on the evening of July 7, the first match of the second phase of the CBA rematch will be held in Guoxin gymnasium. The two sides were Xinjiang and Jilin. Starting from the 8th, the red island and Laoshan two competition areas will open in full swing. The 20 teams will complete the remaining 83 regular season games of the season in 20 match days.

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