TSMC 5nm was snatched by Huawei and apple this year

 TSMC 5nm was snatched by Huawei and apple this year

The report also pointed out that Apple will make significant changes to the iPhone 12, which will be Apples first model to support 5g, with fewer chargers and earpods in accessories.

However, such a large chip production is obviously contrary to the recent reports. It has been reported that due to the epidemic situation, the production and shipment of mobile phones in 2020 will generally decline seriously, and apple is no exception. IPhone sales are also volatile, with apple expected to cut iPhone 12 shipments by 50%.

So, not all of these 80 million chips are supposed to be used for iPhones. Its rumored that cook, known as 5gipadpro, also built a powerful 5nma14x bionic chipset.

In addition, it is the upcoming arm based MAC. It has not been confirmed why the SOC will be named, but there are rumors that it will use a 5nm chip with 12 cores. If these three different products will use A14 chip, the 80 million chips are likely to be divided by them.

According to the previous report, a list of TSMCs 5nm process customers was exposed, including the name of the customer company and the specific chips that TSMC will contract for. In 2020, TSMC will only produce 5nm chips for two companies, namely apple and Huawei Hisilicon. The former is A14 and a14x processors, while Huawei Hisilicons is Kirin 1000 and network processor.

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