After the capsizing of the Taiwan Army speedboat, the instructor committed suicide under excessive pressure

 After the capsizing of the Taiwan Army speedboat, the instructor committed suicide under excessive pressure

On July 3, a boat overturning accident occurred in the No.99 brigade of the Taiwan Marine Corps, resulting in the death of one soldier and the death of two soldiers. On the 5th, officers in charge of training in brigade 99 again committed suicide because of excessive pressure.

The 99 marine brigade is the best and most elite force of the Taiwan army. In the Han Guang rehearsal stage, they are responsible for drilling and simulating the Red Army attackers, conducting amphibious joint landing, and preparing for the confrontation link of the subsequent formal military exercise.

The frogman unit of 99 brigade, the best military source of Taiwan army, simulates amphibious special landing in the swimming pool

According to Taiwan media reports on July 5, a instructor surnamed Yang of the Taiwan Navys 99 brigade hanged himself and died in a military camp on July 5. Taiwan media reported that the instructor, surnamed Yang, was responsible for issuing the operation permit visa for the small boat involved in the 3-day accident, and was suspected to have died because of excessive pressure under investigation.

The 99th brigade of the Marine Corps of Taiwan carried out a joint landing exercise on March 3. The boat capsized, causing seven people to fall into the water and four to be sent to hospital for rescue. Three of them were in critical condition. On July 5, Taiwan media announced that a senior soldier surnamed Cai had failed to rescue and died. The other two were still in hospital for emergency treatment.

In his speech, Colonel Zhang Cunyi, spokesman of the Taiwan Navys Ministry of education and planning, revealed some details of the suicide incident. He said that his colleagues found the instructor suspected of self harm in the military camp, and then transferred him to the Zuoying branch of Taiwan military Kaohsiung general hospital after emergency treatment and was declared dead.

The Taiwan Navys Ministry of education and planning also confirmed that the officer surnamed Yang was one of the training instructors for the joint landing operation rehearsal of the Han Guang rehearsal. A preliminary investigation by the investigation team of the headquarters of the Taiwan army and the headquarters of the Taiwan Army found that the officer surnamed Yang had not been censured by any superiors and was currently investigating the cause of his suicide.

The boat training for the accident is a preview of the Han Guang exercise to be held by the Taiwan Army on January 13. Han Guang exercise is a special name for the annual joint operation exercise of the three services of the Taiwan army. It is also a series of joint offensive and defensive exercises of the three services with the highest level, the largest number of troops participating in the exercise, the largest scale and the strongest antagonism. The first Hanguang exercise was held on June 23, 1984 in Penghu. This year, it was the Hanguang 36 exercise.

Han Guang exercise is divided into rehearsal stage, formal exercise stage and computer wargame rehearsal stage. In the rehearsal stage, the 99 brigade of the Marine Corps with the best military resources in Taiwan will play the role of imaginary enemy, simulate the Red Army attacker and amphibiously land on the beach of Taiwan army to prepare for the subsequent confrontation exercises.

This years Hanguang 36 exercise is extremely important. Last year, in order to reject reunification with military force, the Taiwan army carried out a breaking the muscles and bones organizational system reform, changing all seven mechanized strike brigades of the Taiwan army into a composite force mainly composed of combined arms battalion. This organizational reform of the Taiwan army is regarded as a political achievement of Tsai ing ing Wen and Yan Defa for rejecting reunification with military force. Therefore, in this years Hanguang 36 exercise, the Taiwan army plans to comprehensively test the operational effectiveness of the Taiwan Armys combined forces. However, the drill has not yet begun, there have been a series of homicide.

The new combined arms battalion of the Taiwan army will be fully tested in this Hanguang 36 project

With regard to the Han Guang exercise held by the Taiwan army for a long time to deduce the rejection of reunification with military force, the Ministry of national defense of China has repeatedly stated that it is a dead end to refuse reunification with military force. On February 28, Wu Qian, a spokesman for the Ministry of national defense, clearly stressed that any act of inciting cross-strait hostility and exaggerating cross-strait confrontation will only bring disaster to Taiwan compatriots. The PLA has firm will, full confidence and sufficient ability to safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity.

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