Interview with designer Jiang Yueyin: creating a magic cube of love with colorful old things

 Interview with designer Jiang Yueyin: creating a magic cube of love with colorful old things

u2014u2014Wendell Berry, an environmentalist

The fashion a side represents the brilliance and beauty of the T-stage, and behind these bright and charming scenes, people cant see it and hide countless waste of resources.

Before we realize this, we cant even imagine that even a small sweater and jeans in the wardrobe, which is so ordinary that it cant be more ordinary, will also cause serious damage to the environment in the production process. Can fashion be achieved only by wanton use of our limited resources?

Maybe its time to remove the label of extravagance and waste for fashion.

Netease fashion joins hands with 10 Chinese mainstream fashion designers

Launch environmental protection public welfare cross boundary design project

Love and rebirth

Draw a green fashion map with love and creativity

The organic combination of environmental protection and fashion doesnt mean making a concept. The environmental protection clothing designed with waste materials does not mean boring, outdated or even cheap; on the contrary, after being transformed by the imaginative imagination of designers, the idle items piled in the corner and eating ashes have changed Unique fashion exclusive in the world.

Clothes designed through the concept of environmental protection can be very practical or interesting.

Whether you are familiar with the name of the post-90s pioneer designer or not, you must have seen her classic works. Do you remember Qu Xiaoxiaos favorite king of poker skirt in the hit TV series Ode to joy? The once popular net red skirt was designed by designer Jiang Yueyin.

Jiang Yueyin, who loves painting since childhood, has a unique sensitivity to patterns. Her original brand pollyannakeong is unique in the fashion industry with its unique pattern elements and retro colors. If you have seen Jiang Yueyins show every season, its easy to find that her design has never been a dry stack of lines and color blocks, as if every stroke has been injected into the soul.

She hopes that people who wear these clothes will be able to wear their own stories, unique flavor. This time, what kind of soul will Jiang Yueyin inject into the waste fabric to interpret the theme of love and rebirth?

Love and design

Jiang Yueyins magic cube

Gorgeous colors and retro patch elements strongly collide with magical visual effects. The witty and smart Hoodie is mixed with the modern flavor of color contrast and splicing, which is what makes this design work fascinating.

Exclusive interview with Netease fashion

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[love u00b7 freshman] exclusive interview with designer NO.4: Jiang Yueyin (source: Netease fashion)

Netease fashion: how do you understand the theme of love u00b7 new life?

Jiang Yueyin: loving freshmen mainly includes the key words love and peace. It is actually the love and new life interpreted by the concept of environmental protection in our life.

In fact, when it comes to this topic, we have to say that there are some impacts on the whole fashion and clothing industry during the epidemic period. For me and the people around me, the first is the most direct impact on sales. The other is that because the factory cant work normally, we have a large number of new models that cant be produced or even developed. What we can do is to make a brand-new transformation with our existing resources, such as some existing patterns and existing fabrics It becomes a completely different new style, which is one of the things we operated during the epidemic period, and it is also a small-scale transformation of some existing clothes in stock to make it a new style.

Netease fashion: what kind of material is used for the design this time?

Netease fashion: what are the reasons for choosing these materials?

Jiang Yueyin: because in fact, we have a lot of surplus waste materials when we make clothes, but they cant be used in production. Its wasteful and has no value. We hope to make use of these waste materials through a theme activity this time.

Jiang Yueyin: we have turned this waste into a garment that can be worn everyday. Although it may not be mass produced like other clothes, it is actually a garment that can be worn and beautiful, and can also explain our concept of love and environmental protection.

Netease fashion: how long did it take to make this dress?

Jiang Yueyin: it took about two days.

Netease fashion: what difficulties or challenges have you encountered in your creation?

Netease fashion: can you share a new story with us?

Jiang Yueyin: in fact, we all know that Ode to joy was a process of explosive fame at that time. I didnt know how to make a brand at that time, so many problems, such as fabric control, board type and final quality inspection, would be encountered. After the outbreak period, I slowly precipitated myself to understand how to make a brand little by little, including brand management, team building, and a set of operation logic for brand promotion and promotion.

Netease fashion: for a designer, what are your biggest difficulties and growth during the epidemic?

Netease fashion: because of the epidemic, this China International Fashion Week has opened its first online operation. Whats the difference between this participation and the past?

Jiang Yueyin: in fact, I think its totally different from the previous operation process. First of all, we should consider the form of live broadcast, and what kind of way to give you the best presentation. At the same time, we will make people feel that live broadcasting is more interesting. If we say that artists used to come to see shows, we will communicate with artists and interact with fans more this time, There are also some small games in the live. In the later stage, we also did some explanation of the clothing and the display of the clothing. At the same time, we will give the audience a very detailed display of the design details. In the ordinary fashion week, you may only see some photos, but you cant go to the scene. This time, it means that all the staff can participate in the fashion week.

Jiang Yueyin: in fact, in our daily production of clothes, we must produce some waste materials and some washed waste water, which should be taken into account in our daily design. For example, the process of washing jeans, we will consider using less bleaching and dyeing to pollute water resources. For example, waste materials, we try our best to save these waste materials, try to reduce the production of these wastes, and even say that this activity can use waste plastics to make a new type of clothes, and make the best use of our existing resources, without any waste.

Netease fashion: young consumers are changing products more and more frequently. How do you understand the life cycle of products?

Jiang Yueyin: for example, many FMCG brands change very frequently because they are not so strict on quality (control), while for designer brands, quality control is very strict. In this way, for ordinary customers, they can use this dress many times. At the same time, we are also conveying a concept that you can also use your own waste clothes Reuse, for example, you can make your clothes into a bag, or you can splice clothes into a new one, which can save us some waste clothes and fabrics.

Netease fashion: in your opinion, what is the impact of sustainable development on the fashion industry?

Jiang Yueyin: I think more and more people will pay attention to the topic of sustainable development. As far as fashion is concerned, we should first economize. Maybe in previous years, we felt extravagant and wasteful or what (and it didnt have a big impact). But this year, we began to understand how to save some resources on our hands because we found that once we encountered some problems, we might not have so many resources to use The ready-made materials, whether they are waste materials, or some clothes made before, can be reused to produce new value.

Young people, mainly after 85-00, have become the backbone of fashion industry consumption. They pursue individuality, advocate freedom of dressing, and are willing to try more possibilities.

Although the environmental protection clothing has not been able to achieve mass production, there is no doubt that this product, which combines the cool sounding environmental protection concept and has a beautiful appearance, is in line with the fashion awareness of young consumers.

With the rise of sustainable fashion, more and more avant-garde designers who are regarded as trend guides by young people begin to try environmentally friendly design. We also believe that with the continuous efforts of these designers, green fashion will gradually become the mainstream consumption idea.

u2014u2014Jiang Yueyin