Want to set up a stall? You may not be worthy

 Want to set up a stall? You may not be worthy

In the second half of life, its a skill.


The biggest black horse in the second half of 2020,

Its not live delivery,

Its a stall economy.

The word ground stall is popular among friends.

Seeing everybody rubbing their hands,

I want to pour cold water on it

Its probably your biggest delusion.


Because of the impact of the epidemic,

No income for five months,

They had to set up stalls to subsidize their families,

I made 46 yuan on the first day,

I made 62 yuan the next day,

On the third day, I made 51 yuan...

She wanted to give up,

I thought it was easy to set up a stall,

There are not many stalls now,


Crows and pigs fly together,

The crow yelled at the stewardess

Girl, come here and give me a drink.

Girl, come here and give me a drink.

Five minutes later, the cabin door opened,

The stewardess threw the crows and pigs off the plane.

At this time, the crow laughed and said to the pig:

Little sample, learn from me. I have wings. Do you have them?

Its the same with setting up stalls,

Dont think you can make money by setting up a stall,

You just want to follow.

Ive been thinking for a long time. What can I sell at a stall?

Find yourself doing nothing.

I started to think it was easy to set up a stall,

After deep thought, I found that,

Its true,

Dont think its easy to set up a stall,

If you dont have any skills,

You dont even deserve to set up a stall.

A Hong Kong writer and poet wrote an article,

This article has been very popular in the past few years.

A business friend of the author,

I applied several times, but I didnt succeed,

But a Chinese rural woman applied successfully.

Why can rural women succeed?

The reason for her declaration is that:

I have technical expertise.

Rural women said, I can cut paper.

In less than three minutes,

They cut out a group of lifelike animals.

American immigration officials are stupid,

Hold up your finger and praise it

He said something like this:

You cant be financial,

Even, you cant speak English.

But you cant do nothing!

You have to be able to do it,

So you can be OK forever.


Ren Zhengfei, founder of Huawei,

He said something like this:

I just want to make my long board,

So theres a high barrel.

This is how Huawei recruits people

We never recruit perfect people,

Perfect people are useless people.

When I look at this person, he always pursues perfection,

I knew he had no hope.

That is to say:

People who are good in every way,

In fact, it means,

This man is mediocre in all his qualifications.

A few years ago, we liked to emphasize a theory,

This theory is the barrel theory.

A bucket, the water it can hold,

Its decided by the shortest board.

So we spend a lot of time and energy,

In the old traditional times,

But in this era of increasingly detailed division of labor,

The barrel theory is a bit out of date,

The long board theory has replaced the barrel theory.

The long plate theory has two core points

1. Compared with the short board, what really makes you stand out is your long board.

So, the most important thing for a person to grow up is,

Not to make up for and avoid weaknesses,

It will be much higher than the benefits of spending on the short board.


What is single point extreme?

It doesnt have to be comprehensive,

Just focus on this area,

Its deep ploughed to the extreme,

At the beginning, young Wu Hanqing went to Ali for an interview,

To become the general manager of aliyundun step by step.

Now many people like to do sideline work,

In view of this situation,

Ma Yun has a very good saying:

I havent done my job to the best of my ability,

Never do a sideline job.

The best strategy for success is always a single point breakthrough.

Do not seek multi-point flowering, but seek single point extreme.

Not perfect, but single extreme.


You might say:

You dont have to do that,

You dont have to be one in ten thousand,

You just have to be one percent,

Its no problem to earn a living in the industry.

Take the example around me,

Theres a man in our neighborhood called Lao Wu,

Its selling barbecue stalls outside the community,

His barbecue is called old five barbecue..

He started selling barbecue in 2010.

When I started selling barbecue,

In fact, business is not very good,

So the better the barbecue is,

Business was booming in 2013.

He said he and his wife sold barbecue,

I bought four suites in nine years.

You just have to focus on a niche,

Its easy to be 1% of the field.

Because most people work so little,

Theres no way to compete for talent.

I especially like the saying of thirteen Nights:

Concentration is the best culture for young people.

He mentioned a workplace phenomenon:

Its rare to see middle-aged people over 40,

Especially people over 45.

When you think about it, its true,

Dont talk about people over 40,

Even over 35, there are only two or three.

So I asked him:

Where have people over 40 gone?

If people over 40 can stay in the company,

Or its a company manager,

Or its the companys technology giant.

Its hard for other people over 40 to stay,

A small part chose to start a business,

Most of them have entered traditional service industries,

For example, education, property, rental, takeout, cleaning, sanitation workers, warehouse keeper, guard, vegetables, etc

What HR said,

It really makes people think more and more terrifying:

If you dont have any skills,

At the age of 40, they are basically off the shelves.

If you dont have any skills,

Youll be eliminated even if you set up a stall.

This HR said something to me,

I think its really true,

So Id like to convey this sentence to you:

Those abandoned and eliminated by the times,

I will always be a person without any skills.

You can start from scratch,

But you cant be unarmed.

I read a report a few years ago

After the outbreak of the Syrian war,

In order to avoid the war,

A group of Syrians fled to Jordan.

After arriving in Jordan,

Only by selling physical strength for a small income.

He was a carpenter sculptor,

After he fled to Jordan,

So their family was quite comfortable.

The biggest feeling of this news is that:

You have to have a skill,

It will be when you cant see the direction,

Open the most spacious road for you.

You never know when the river will run,

So the earlier you develop your skills, the better.

In this era of great competition,

Have a skill,

It is the underlying logic of ones existence.