Xiong Ling: the significance of depression

 Xiong Ling: the significance of depression

Im really depressed. Im in a bad mood. Why? There are reasons and there are no reasons. That kind of inexplicable depression, let me fear most. One evening, I was thinking, whats the point of being alive? And suddenly fell into depression, and then there was a sense of panic. I couldnt help but told my husband tactfully (I didnt show my weakness as usual). I didnt expect that after a few words from him, my depression and panic suddenly disappeared. Afterwards, I thought that the rapid recovery of my emotions at that time did not lie in his words, but in a state of his life - he was always so energetic and energetic.

Yesterday, a colleague complained about her depression, and we had communication, analysis and discussion. Its a realistic way to deal with negative emotions.

For the first time, I asked my husband curiously and cautiously, have you ever felt depressed in this life?

No, he said, a little understatement.

I dont believe it! Just as I dont believe you say you never dream, its impossible

Why do you always look energetic and energetic?

It may have something to do with my childhood. I have been hardworking since I was a child, and I have developed a tough personality. I didnt feel depressed during the hard years, as if nothing could embarrass me. Now life is better. Whats so depressive? He said it easily. I still wonder.

Why am I so depressed?

Its normal that you have depression. Because you have a superior environment, love fantasy, and sentimental personality Hes still so easy and simple. In my heart, however, there is a one word for the shock.

Will my depression affect your mood?

From the perspective of human growth, I feel inferior to his mentality; from the perspective of social relations, I am more than happy to have him; his personality and thoughts are my best psychotherapist.

Thats why I say, Im depressed, Im calm and rational..

Some depression is associated with people themselves; some depression is scared out by people themselves; some depression is misdiagnosed by doctors; some depression is created by media.

Since man is the most emotional animal, there must be complex emotional expression. Whether its happiness or pain. It is strange that, no matter what language, the words describing the pain are far more than the words of happy emotion. For example, the often said seven emotions joy, anger, sadness, sadness, fear and fear, the ratio of happiness to sadness is 2:5. Does this in itself mean that peoples emotional feelings are mostly in sadness? No, it should be said that people feel different sadness most easily. One of them is depression.

Depression is depression, which is a common unhappiness, but not depression is depression.

Since depression is a common emotion, it is normal. Because common is normal, normal is normal. Think that depression is abnormal, or suggest that you have depression, you will pay attention to (feel) whether you are really abnormal? Peoples psychological activities depend on suggestion. If you always give negative cues, your brain image is a picture of negative cues, and your inner feelings will be emotional experiences related to brain images. For example, you always think, what if your head is blank when you speak on stage? Make a fool of others will laugh at me, how humiliating. Your brain is constantly emerging is the blank, sneer, sneer picture, your heart will be in order to avoid it and fall into this worry anxiety or depression.

This is the power of suggestion. Where your attention goes, your heart goes.

If the heart is disturbed, there will be anxiety or depression. Man is a social person, so its useless to avoid anxiety or depression. Unless you dont become a social person, like a wolf boy or escape to a paradise. Therefore, anxiety and depression are also normal attributes of social people.

The significance of depression lies in its metaphor for people to seek the meaning of life. Behind any negative emotion or behavior, there is a positive pursuit. For example: Lin Daiyus sadness and tears implied her desire for freedom of love; the rebellious and aggressive behavior of teenagers showed that they resisted bondage and wanted to grow up independently; the difficulty in walking of hysteria patients indicated that they were seeking for a life path in line with his; the vomiting of gastrointestinal neurosis reflected his fantasy of accepting new things; the heart tired of cardiac neurosis symbolized him It is also a cry for the lack of social justice and justice. The depression of depressed people reveals the metaphor of the importance of the sense of life meaning (sense of value) to people.

Depression is a kind of sentimental emotion, which expresses peoples boredom to the tasteless and uninteresting life, and expresses the sadness that the sense of meaning of life is weakened. Therefore, depression symbolizes the lack of meaning in human life.

Depression itself is a kind of meaning, which means that people must have a sense of meaning in life. Because people lack sense of meaning emotional performance is depression. In other words, depression means that what people need most is the sense of value and meaning of life.

If you understand the warning of depression to you, and you accept the meaning it expresses, its value will exist, and you will find your life direction and value, so as to obtain happiness.

The meaning of depression is existence and the meaning of life. I am depressed, which means that I exist, which means that I pursue the existence of the value of life.