Summer without regret

 Summer without regret

This summer, no regrets!

Wish your dreams come true!

Summer heat means hot. Small heat means small heat, not very hot. It means that the weather is beginning to be hot, but it is not yet the hottest. Although the small heat is not the hottest season of the year, it is followed by the hottest season of the year. There is a saying in the folk that small heat and big heat, steam up and boil down.

The plum rainy season in Jianghuai area usually ends from July 8 to 12. After plum blossom, most areas enter the hot season in midsummer.

From the beginning of the small summer heat into the dog days, the so-called hot in the dog days, cold in 39.. Dog days, usually between the heat and heat, is the highest temperature and humid, muggy period of the year. During this period of time, we should pay attention to heat prevention and rehydration. We can eat watermelon and drink mung bean soup to relieve the heat.