Guo biting deleted the light to assist dynamic, sent the article regret at the beginning: how difficult is the marriage of a wealthy family?

 Guo biting deleted the light to assist dynamic, sent the article regret at the beginning: how difficult is the marriage of a wealthy family?

June 28 micro blog: wake up that day will always come, when the maosai suddenly open, suddenly bright, or regret the original, regret?

The emotion expressed by the two microblogs made fans very worried. They left messages asking about Guo bitings recent situation. However, Guo biting had no choice but to close the comments. But it was clear that the content of the microblog was fascinating. How dare you send it but dare not let people ask?

However, Xiang Tai, as always, responds to Guo bitings actions and gives fans reassurance again and again. In the face of the conjecture of being consumed, Xiang Tais response will support it, breaking everyones doubts about consumption of Guo biting in Xiangzuo.

In the face of regret after awakening, Xiang Tai explained that it was just the feelings of his daughter-in-law and friends, which was positive energy speech, and denied the rumors of marriage change in disguise.

However, on July 2, some netizens found that Guo biting had cleared all the news related to Xiang Zuo, and her action was really strange.

Looking back on the love between Guo biting and Xiang Zuo, we will find that this marriage is like an exposure with three people to Tai.

Xiang Zuo has a bad temper, and the most fatal is that he likes cold violence. Guo biting once gave Xiang Zuo the wrong navigation in the program, which made Xiang Zuo angry to drag racing. She not only ignored Guo biting, who was afraid of her, but also carried out cold violence to the end.

The love and wedding of the two people are all handled by Xiang Tai. Exposure to the media and the public is like a grand commercial activity, without romance or warmth.

And even Guo biting changed her hair style. Xiang Taihui commented on her microblog that my daughter-in-law should ask for my opinion next time she changes her hair style..

Many people said that Guo biting was involved in a conspiracy of a powerful family, just an exposure tool. And did she really lose herself under control? In the program, in the face of Xiang Tai, what she most often says is listen to the leadership. In addition to Xiang Tais painstaking management of their marriage, Xiang Zuo seems to have disappeared

Clearly is a bright female star, why married into the rich, but so humble?


Also need to get along with comfort

We all know a truth, love is the sweetness of two people, and marriage is the life of two people. But to change the way of thinking, if two people get along with each other, whether it is a rich family or ordinary people, can this marriage continue peacefully?

Boyang said: marriage is an empty ship, relying on two things to ballast it, one is love, the other is children.

Therefore, love must be the basis of marriage, a good marriage relationship is absolutely inseparable from the premise of love.

As we all know, Guo Jingjing is the best daughter-in-law married to a wealthy family. To live a good life, we must be inseparable from the love of Huo Qigang and Guo Jingjing.

Guo Jingjing is a world champion. She has her own pride in her bones. She never feels that she does not match a powerful family. Instead, she has a kind of self-confidence that she is a powerful one. Huo Qigang was born in a wealthy family, so he lacked self-confidence and was under great pressure.

However, after they were together, Guo Jingjing could still hold her chest in the Huo family, which was inseparable from Huo Qigangs support. Even Huo Qigang changed his past extravagance and was willing to live a life of earthliness with Guo Jingjing. And Guo Jingjing also gave Huo Qigang the greatest support and strength, let Huo Qigang in the fight, find their own position and value.

It can be imagined that they must love each other enough to get along well in the complicated environment.

Looking back on the relationship between Xiang Zuo and Guo biting, in the program, Xiang Zuo has made it clear that meeting the right person at the right time and having a close relationship with each other is the best way to enter into a stable marriage. Just as it happens, Guo biting doesnt seem to be a woman who likes romance and pursues dynamism.

No matter what outsiders say, isnt it love that a woman is willing to give birth to this man? It is difficult for us to know the private relationship between Guo biting and Xiang Zuo. However, no matter how much pressure is exerted by the outside world and how many fetters they have with the powerful family, their marriage is bound to be inseparable from each other.

Therefore, whether Guo biting and Xiang Zuos marriage can usher in a better ending depends on whether the husband and wife love each other and whether they get along well.

Its really a university question to get along with husband and wife. Sometimes it needs tolerance, sometimes it needs praise, and even needs to create some romance and mystery to promote the relationship between husband and wife.


Independence may be the taboo of powerful families

But it must be a must for marriage

In marriage, women must be independent enough to start your life.

When it comes to independence, I can think of Xi Mengyao. Of course, she can only be a negative teaching material.

Xi Mengyao was a Supermodel of Weimi before she married he Youjun, the son of gambling king. Although he lost the title of a famous model, he also got more exposure.

A woman with her own strength, after stepping into a powerful family, not to mention step by step, has lost her final strength. But one day, she and he Youjuns marriage problems, dare to ask Xi Mengyao what is left, take children as cards?

In the program, Xiang Zuo and Guo biting talked about their living habits and economic problems before their marriage. Xiang Zuo said that they wanted both sides to shoulder the problem of money.

Perhaps these Guo biting are very clear, so on the surface she is soft and weak, but in fact she is also a person who emphasizes herself very much. She insists that she will not give up her job after marriage. Fortunately, Xiang Tai also does not refuse her daughter-in-laws work like the fourth gambling king. However, she still said that independent women should also listen to her husbands words. Therefore, it is bound to be a tug of war if Guo biting wants to realize real independence at home.

Independence can be said to be the taboo of powerful families, but it is also a must kill skill of marriage.

Only when women are independent in ideology and economy can they find the greatest sense of security in the pressure and confusion of social and marital life. They can also stand up in front of men and be a woman with her own name.

Marriage needs compromise

We should also learn to make each other perfect

Liu Tao once said, I always love acting.. But she resolutely gave up her beloved career after marriage, which can be said to be the compromise for marriage and love.

However, after her comeback, Liu Tao did not give up everywhere and especially cherished her lost opportunity to recover. This time, she not only did not let go, but also let her husband Wang Ke participate in it. On this point, some people say that Wang Ke is lonely, so she needs to be exposed. But I think this time may also be Wang Kes success and love for Liu Tao.

Love a person, choose to stay with a person until old, inevitably need to choose compromise in many things, also inevitably need to mutually perfect each other.

Since you choose each other as a lifelong partner, you cant just accept good things and any grievances. After all, ups and downs are life, and perfection is in fairy tales.

Xiang Zuo and Guo biting are newly married, so we dont know where this relationship will go and how they get along with each other. Even Xiang Tai cant control it.

But whether its the marriage of a rich family or the love of ordinary people, its only certain that the most comfortable state is to mix rationality with sensibility. I know your compromise and you also understand my success. Only with this kind of mutual sympathy and mutual achievement can the marriage last for a long time.