No matter how poor you are when you are over 40, dont do these three jobs. Your future is gloomy. The older you get, the more passive you are

 No matter how poor you are when you are over 40, dont do these three jobs. Your future is gloomy. The older you get, the more passive you are

A few days ago, a 50 year old man was greening under the sun. He fainted on the ground due to heat stroke, and his salary was not enough for hospitalization expenses. After many middle-aged people come out from factories, companies and units, because they have no core technology, no market ability, no connections and channels, they have to bend down to apply for jobs that young people are not willing to do. Some middle-aged people go to the construction site to move bricks, and they are very tired and sweaty; some middle-aged people sweep the streets, dirty and smelly, covered with mud; some middle-aged people even go to deliver takeout, riding small batteries to race with the young man, tired and dangerous. When I saw that the sanitation workers who got up to clean up at three or four oclock in the morning were all thin old men and women who couldnt even drink hot water. Their monthly salary at the expense of health was only two or three thousand yuan. If conditions permit, they should not do these jobs.

u30103u3011 Dont engage in a career with no future. The longer you do it, the lower your value will be.

In some occupations, the threshold is very low. Why are young people unwilling to do it? Mainly because these occupations have no future, what kind of profession is the best? Its just a beautiful legend. Some occupations, due to the problem of identity, decide the future development to go downhill. For example, in order to reduce labor costs and management difficulties, many enterprises recruit a large number of labor dispatch workers and outsourcing workers. Young people are not easy to deceive, and their eyes are aimed at middle-aged people who are not easy to find jobs. The reason is very simple. They are willing to do it with a monthly salary of 3000 or 4000, and do not need to buy social security insurance, which saves a lot of money for enterprises. For example, many enterprises outsource the dirtiest and most tiring front-line operation posts, and property management companies outsource security, cleaning, guard and other posts to labor companies. The salary is only half of that of regular employees. Either they dont give you social security, or social security is based on the minimum base, which makes the middle-aged people feel humiliated as second-class employees. The key is that it is almost impossible to become a full-time employee, and the development expectation is very poor The older you get, the more devalued.

PS: Im sure many middle-aged people criticize this article for standing up and talking without pain. We also want to do decent, high paid and comfortable jobs, but serious companies dont want us. We have low education, old age and full study, so we can only do low wage jobs. Whats more, labor is glorious, no matter what the occupation is, as long as we eat with our hands, it is glorious. Any work must be done by someone. Otherwise, how can this society work?

This paper means that middle-aged people should jump out of the stereotype of thinking and not belittle themselves. They think that they can only look at the door, sweep the streets and plant trees. This era provides us with many opportunities for transformation and development. The professional ceremony eliminated 600 traditional occupations and added 700 new ones. When people are middle-aged, they should pursue the pursuit of a second spring of career. Many innovative professions, such as e-commerce, stall, food and we media, are waiting for us to practice and live up to the opportunities brought by the times.