The parents and brothers all went to battle, and they wanted to find Lin Zhiling. Such a male guest could hold hands and succeed

 The parents and brothers all went to battle, and they wanted to find Lin Zhiling. Such a male guest could hold hands and succeed

This weekend, she was watching the new blind date meeting. She also sent it to sister Yuyan. I dont know if I dont see it. It turns out that the matchmaking market is like this.

The familiar taste, the familiar stage and the familiar Mengfei

Lets first take a look at what the successful guests in new blind date meeting look like.

No. 1 male guest, his name is Yiyang, and his brother is Xi. He took his brothers hand and played a star. Please tell me the answer in the message area. Thank you

Then, in his self promotion VCR, he expressed that work is the first priority, especially his plan to continue to study abroad - I will definitely go to study abroad, if I dont accept it, I cant talk about feelings..

Work is strong and love is weak. The last relationship broke up for 11 months

Several female guests asked him whether he could come back in the middle of his 1.5-year study abroad? Can you take your partner to study abroad?

The female guest led by guest No.1 is fan Rongjin, who is a fitness we media.

The girls favorite feature is that she expresses herself in a big way

I support you to study abroad. Can you take me with you?

You can feel her confidence from the inside outu2014u2014

Im confident that I can grasp this relationship, and that I can find my own position even if I go abroad.

Is it only sister Yuyan that thinks the suit is too small? The bottom button is too high

However, Yu Yan was greatly surprised by the heroic words of this handsome straight man. He opened his mouth at several fitness centers

But geese, this is not the most wonderful flower.

In the VCR of No.2 male guest, 10 brothers are shouting for him

He said: I want to find a girlfriend like Lin Zhiling, and that nine out of ten Chinese men should like a girl like Lin Zhiling.

Well, do 90% of the Chinese men represented agree?

However, geese, this is not the most exotic flower. He said that he wanted to find a girlfriend with a height of at least 1.68 meters. When Meng Fei asked him whether this was his hope or a hard indicator, he said it was a hard indicator.

When Qiao Yina, the female guest, proposed to dance for him and then danced in front of him, sister Yuyan suddenly felt sad

A boy who can take height and a star as the criteria for choosing a mate. Fortunately, he has only a few gyms. Otherwise, he may start a beauty pageant. He doesnt want to have long legs like Lin Zhilings sister, and no baby voice like Lin Zhilings sister.

The lively and lovely Qiao Yina dances for guest No.2, but you can see that the body language of male guests is obviously indifferent

He Shuang is the successful girl holding hands with him.

In the face of No. 2 male guests cancer like straight man, she still chooses to believe in her own eyes. Although love is blind, it is only because of this blindness that she persistently chooses to ignore his declaration that the children in the family will be the first, I will be the second, and the wife will be the third. Is it really a good thing?

When a girl whose appearance, occupation and temperament are not vulgar, and really more than 1.68, she holds hands with him excitedly. Sister Yuyan seems to have seen an idol drama of a tyrannical president, but the expression on his face is intriguing

Parents are also happy, Yu Yan elder sister is also obedient.

When your girl runs home one day and says that her boyfriend has another 11th or 12th brother, and she doesnt want to go home, think about today.

After the two people left, the host Meng Fei said a meaningful word.

He said, didnt you notice that I was trying to persuade people to turn off the lights? Dont his ex girlfriends know how to get along with his brothers

Meng Fei, the host, is our favorite big brother faner

No. 3 male guest with Korean style handsome boys style, but the suit is a little big. Sister Yuyan is really picky about her boyfriend

The VCR is full of fresh literature and art lines with soft light

He is also a boy who comes back from studying abroad and looks very interesting.

A suit takeaway brother is on a blind date, and sister Yan sticks out her tongue

After that, the No. 3 male guests set up their own cards according to their warm men: he painted a birthday cake for his girlfriend, saying that she had been 18 years old and had performed his local love words on the spot.

Well, sister Yuyan is old, and she doesnt understand why boys drawing a birthday cake is so popular. Is this the small fortune of the post-90s?

And he successfully hand in hand is the 5th Gao Chen letter, a lovely weather anchor.

Gao Chenhan is YuYans favorite female guest. In addition to her grandmother, who is full of atmosphere, she is envious of her familys love and poise. Every time she speaks, she is relaxed and relaxed

From the moment the male guest appeared on the stage, he acted like a young girl in love. He took the lead in exploding the lights and boldly wrote three lines of love poems on the balloon: 1. The middle line 2. 3. Leave you and my future.

When Gao Chenhan advised grandma to turn off the lights at the No. 2 male guest, she was very impressive. She was neither humble nor overbearing, nor demanding. She told her grandmother, we dont meet the requirements of other peoples height.

But she also bravely expressed her love for the No. 3 male guest. She should be a sister who dares to love and hate in her life.

These three male guests are a good reflection of modern mens self cognition - they have long-term plans for life, career and life, which is progress.

But there are also places that people cant understand. Yes, sister Yuyan said that he was a wonderful male guest No. 2. His understanding of marriage and his confidence in honey were almost worshipped by me. The summary is as follows:

I have a career. I have my own life and social circle. I can demand the external conditions of women. If you are willing to accept them, I will condescend to talk with you. This is your advantage.

Speaking of the girls, all the female guests have a bright background - beauty, career, self-awareness. Whats more, these post-90s girls are not as charming as ordinary people think. They will speak out boldly, and even if they are turned off the lights on the spot, they are also willing to give a hug.

The female guests were very confident and lovely

We often hear people say, womens consciousness awakening and womens independence. If you watch a program, you will understand that the performance of these girls in the new blind date convention is more vivid than any slogan.

The only thing that Yu Yan cant get is the palace style dress with too low shoulder strap

What are those other girls like on the court?

Im very impressed with giorina and Ruo man.

Joanna is like an elf, dancing, singing and dancing

If the man is dignified and generous, and can use animation voice dubbing, very cute

They showed great interest in the male guests at least twice, while their mothers showed more serious and positive interestu2014u2014

One is that when guest No. 1 was on stage, two mothers directly got up and went to the stage. Ning ruos mother sent out a Henan opera, I hope you and my daughter have a bright future. while singing, she gave out the fan in her hand. After singing, she boldly confessed to the male guest and said, how about my temperament? My daughter has the same temperament as me. Do you like a girl with good temperament.

A mother who is more lively than her daughter. If my mother is like this, I will not talk to her for three days

Qiao Yinas mother, who was waiting on the side, ran to the stage and said, Im going to rob her. As a result, the expressions of the two mothers were very interesting. One didnt enjoy singing and wanted to continue to communicate with the No. 1 male guest. The other couldnt wait. She put a gourd island specialty in the middle. She was so anxious that her mother repeatedly stressed, can you wait for me to finish?

The first male guest has just been on the stage, and two mothers have been on the stage to snatch relatives

When Qiao Yinas mother came on the stage, she put seaweed in her mouth to male guest No. 1 and introduced her daughter to her. Meng Fei, the host, said, I have nothing to do with this program.

Sister Baobao likes to sing Henan opera. She also performed a new song mojito by Jay Chou. Another time, she was on the stage in front of No. 3 male guest. If the male mother is still familiar with Henan opera performance, she still gives her daughter a fan painted by herself

Whatuff1f My daughter hasnt been in love yet, but shes up to having children here?

Blind date, or do your parents has the final say?

In the new blind date meeting, we can still see the characteristics of Chinese marriage.

That is parents participation. For the first time, parents and family members appeared on the stage as participants and boldly expressed their opinions in all aspects. Therefore, we had a chance to see Ning Ruonan, the baby mother who wanted to perform well and wanted to sing Henan Opera when she caught the opportunity.

Gao Chenhan, the grandmother who always likes to give people big cakes

Sister Yuyan really likes this pair of parents. I dont know if you think you are talking about crosstalk

But there are two sides to it. Because of concern, I feel a little anxious. Your daughter is only in her twenties. The great world is still waiting for them. Whats so urgent about falling in love and getting married?

The only thing that sister Yuyan doesnt like is that every time a male guest holds hands with a female guest, she has to ask the male parent to turn off the lamp for a female guest.

Well, the real feeling of being chosen by a mans parents I cant stand my heart.

It can also be seen from itu2014u2014

Chinese women are becoming more and more excellent, but they still have to be pushed to sell themselves, go on blind dates and be sold for sale. In the expectation of their families, they can find a reliable partner for themselves;

Although Chinese men seem to pay more attention to their appearance and consideration of women, their marriage requirements have not changed. Women should take their husbands career first, seek perfection, be gentle and infatuated, and let them go

The first pair of guests holding hands, male guests who want to study abroad and female guests who are willing to accompany him to study abroad

Most importantly, parents attitudes toward their childrens blind date have changed a lot, but their participation has not decreased at all.

Yuyan looks at the unmarried girls and finally understands that its really hard to find a suitable boyfriend in real life. As far as the real situation reflected in the new blind date meeting, seeing a straight man like guest No. 2 is like hitting someone.

Moreover, I know that if I stand in this program, I must be the one who has been turned off the lights.

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