Todays small summer heat: summer is getting stronger, treasure Zhu Junan

 Todays small summer heat: summer is getting stronger, treasure Zhu Junan

On the day of gengxu


Xiaoshu, the 11th of the 24 solar terms, is the end of the meridian month and the beginning of the next month. Summer heat means hot. Small heat means small heat, not very hot. At this time, the Meiyu season in the Yangtze Huaihe River Basin is coming to an end, and most areas of China are facing great heat in midsummer.

23:14, July 6, Beijing time

It will usher in the small heat of the 24 solar terms,

It marks the coming of plum blossom and the beginning of summer.

According to the collection and interpretation of the seventy-two orders of the moon, the following is the statement:

Xiaoshu, June Festival.

Shuo Wen says:

The heat is hot.

The heat is divided into big and small,

It is small at the beginning of the month and large in the middle of the month,

Now the heat is still small.

There is a folk saying that small heat and big heat, steaming on the top and cooking at the bottom is said.

After the heat stroke,

Its going to be muggy and humid,

There is no place to hide in the heat.

The earth will no longer have a trace of cool wind, the wind will bring heat waves.

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Pictures from the Internet

Some places have also entered the season of the most thunderstorms,

From the beginning of the small heat, people are ready to meet the heat.

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Its too hot to hide from the heat.

Luo Shuwei, a historian and researcher at the Tianjin Academy of Social Sciences, reminds us that,

After the festival, we should pay attention to heatstroke prevention and cooling,

Special attention should also be paid

To prevent emotional heatstroke caused by anxiety, anxiety and tension,

Adjust mentality in time, release pressure and relax mood.


In ancient times, people divided the summer heat into three periods: first, when the wind was warm; second, when crickets lived in the house; third, when Eagles began to attack.

Warm wind to a time, warm wind to. After a small summer day, there is no longer a trace of cool wind on the earth, but all the wind with heat waves.

The cricket lives in the house, and the cricket lives in the house. In the hot July, crickets are also too hot to avoid the corner of the courtyard where human beings live in order to find a cool corner to escape the summer heat.




Shixin: Hakka peoples bitter memories and sweet thoughts

In the old days, there was a custom of eating new food in southern China. Shixin is to grind rice and wheat into flour to make various kinds of pancakes and noodles, which are shared by neighbors and villagers to express their wish for a bumper harvest. At the same time, these new products also need to prepare a sacrifice to the ancestors. Heaven and earth are the foundation of life; ancestors are the foundation of category. Heaven and earth are the foundation of life, ancestors are the foundation of human beings, ancestor worship is a kind of tradition of filial piety.

This is especially true of Hakkas. Due to the war and famine, Hakkas moved southward from the Central Plains. After the Hakkas settled in the south, the younger generation revered their ancestors for their hard work in cultivating and building good farmland. Since the end of the Song Dynasty, there has been a new custom in the folk that the early rice is ripe and the sickle is eaten after the summer heat every year.

Before eating their first mouthful of new rice, people make the new rice into dry rice and make new wine. They prepare meat and eggs, as well as the newly marketed balsam pear, towel gourd and eggplant. It has the taste of remembering the bitter experience and thinking sweet.

Nowadays, although it is common to eat dry rice, the custom of eating new food is still prevalent in Hakka rural areas. But in the city, generally buy a small amount of new rice and cooked with the old rice, together with the new vegetables on the market.

Dietotherapy: eat noodles and meat to relieve heat and detoxify

Heat in the dog days, small heat is the beginning of the dog days, the climate is hot. There is a folk saying that small heat and great heat, rice is lazy to cook.. In the old days, the folk way to spend the summer was to eat cool food.

Sunbathing: clothes, calligraphy and painting sunbathing

In the small summer season, people have the custom of drying calligraphy, painting and clothes. There is a folk saying: June 6, people dry clothes, dragon sun robes, June 6, every family sun red and green.. Red and green refers to all kinds of colorful clothes. After the dark plum rainy season, it is rare to have such wild sunshine. On this day, people will bask in the sun at the same time. They will air out the clothes stored in the trunk for a long time, so as to remove moisture and prevent mildew and moth.

If there are a large number of books at home, you can also take out a sun, so that the page soaked in light, driving away the hidden bookworm.


health preservation


Calm heart and tranquility: the heart is the main body of the five Zang Fu organs. All life activities are the concentrated expression of the functions of the five viscera. If the mind is damaged, other viscera must be involved. Therefore, the key to health preservation in summer is to stress the word tranquility. We should calm the heart and ensure the exuberance of heart function, so as to conform to the principle of nourishing yang in spring and summer.

Less movement and more stillness: in the hot summer, the scorching sun shines, which is the time when the human body is full of Yang Qi. At this time, people should pay attention to the combination of work and rest to protect the Yang Qi of the human body. It is best to adhere to the principle of less movement and more static, go to the nature, walk on the mountain path, touch the pine and bamboo, read and practice calligraphy, enjoy tea and poetry, and enjoy the scenery and cool in the quiet indoor environment.

Dont be shirtless: when the external temperature exceeds 37 u2103, the body temperature mainly depends on skin evaporation to dissipate heat; when the temperature continues to rise, the skin can not only radiate heat, but also absorb heat from the external environment, making people feel more sultry. Therefore, it is not only not cool, but also hotter and easier to get sunburnt.

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Take a nap to nourish ones mind: take a nap or rest at noon. Spring and autumn and winter are not suitable. Only summer nap is suitable. Because one day in summer can cover two days in winter, one night in summer is less than half of winter night. If you only rest at night in summer, it is to take a break to drive out four points of fatigue. At the same time, when the temperature is the highest, avoid the heat and prevent the consumption of Yang.

Summer heat with watermelon: toufu watermelon race ginseng, to the small summer, also to toufu, at this time the watermelon is ripe and sweet, delicious, and relieve the summer heat. Watermelon red soil can relieve summer heat and clear heart fire. But the watermelon is delicious. If you eat it in an air-conditioned room, it will hurt your health: the watermelon is cold, the air-conditioned room is also cold, and the inside and outside are cold, leading to heat and toxin stagnation, the surface does not disperse, and the spleen and stomach are cold. It is easy to have allergy and diarrhea in autumn.




June Festival

In a sudden, hot winds come, indicating the arriving of the slight heat. Bamboo noise, rain, mountain dark has heard thunder. There is a deep green mist in the door, and green moss is on the head of the terrace. Hawks learn new things, crickets do not urge.

Send Zhu Fang to the rain in summer

Its not Gu Yongchuan. I dont want to pay homage to the princes.

Small summer gold will be Fu, slightly cool wheat in autumn.

Far away mountain, pillow see, dusk rain closed door sorrow.

Donglin temple, the first-class poet.

South Pavilion in summer

The mountain light suddenly falls in the west, and the moon rises eastward.

Its cool in the evening, and open the porch.

If you want to play the harp, you hate the music of ignorance.

Feeling this, cherishing my old friend, I dream of working in the middle of the night.

Time flies, and its summer again,

Because of the epidemic,

Farewell to the intersection of phoenix flowers,

Goodbye is the lake!

To all graduates

At the same time, college entrance examination is also affected by the epidemic situation,

The late college entrance examination met with a little heat,

I wish you the college entrance examination candidates:

A victory at the beginning is a great success

Todays summer heat

Summer gradually thick, road treasure, Zhu Jun An!