Three women in a play, thirty women will kill you?

 Three women in a play, thirty women will kill you?

The elder sister who braved the wind and waves finally exploded the scene of mutual resistance and force which was expected by all.

In recent programs, big sisters such as Huang Shengyi and Zhang Yuqi, and Li Li Chang have divided Ding Dang into a group. Although everyone recommends Ding Dang as the group leader, she is frequently interrupted when she wants to speak. Huang Shengyi, in particular, said I think at the beginning. After the result of the competition came out, he blamed Ding Dang for why you didnt say anything at the beginning, which made many audiences feel sympathy for Ding Dang and dissatisfied with Huang Shengyi and Zhang Yuqi.

Obviously, its just a personal problem. After all, other players get along very well. However, many netizens regard this as the prelude to gongdou opera, waiting for 30 female artists to reveal their true colors and fight with each other.

In the latest issue, Yi Nengjing, Huang Shengyi and Zhang Meng have been divided into a group, and everyone has said sit and wait and tear and force.

In the male dominated variety shows, the emphasis is often Brotherhood. Why do we always want to see the tear force when it comes to female variety shows?

In fact, I fully understand peoples desire to watch womens tearing and forcing, because this is what we see in TV dramas (especially gongdou drama).

In order to fight for the only resource, the emperor and the sisters in the court were busy setting up each other every day, either poisoning or abortion. Even if the heroine is as pure as the white lotus flower, she has to give up her goodness in the middle of the way, and she has to kill her belly. Only by fighting a way of blood among the concubines can they survive and win the favor of the emperor.

Although I dont like watching gongdou opera - because I really dont think so many beautiful women are scheming and wrestling with each other every day just to fight for an emperor who is not good-looking. I can understand why many people like to watch it: women can replace the identity of the heroine, fantasize that they can open up all the way, crush other women to pieces, and harvest The emperor and even your elder brothers pet; men, of course, are the role of the emperor, imagining that he has ascended the peak of power and been robbed by so many pretty girls - Oh, it can really bring about a little psychological pleasure.

Although in modern society, equality between men and women has become a consensus on the concept (not to mention the realization), men and women can stand on their own, and there is no saying that no one will rob the other. But please dont forget that the shaping role of culture is always powerful. If you think about it, a little girl who watched gongdou opera in the summer vacation can automatically play the role of a concubine when she plays the role of a concubine. She regards crushing other concubines and fighting for the noble emperor as the only goal of the game, not to mention other people who are more poisoned.

In addition to gongdou opera, there are many workplace dramas that continue the imagination of womens tearing and forcing, so I wont repeat it here.

In everyones impression, women quarrel with each other, just quarrel, tweet, pull hair, push and push, which has reached the limit. However, there is a contradiction between men. Im sorry, that is to send you directly to the hospital and send himself to the legal news. If its a man to woman conflict, I cant say Ill give you a few knives on the spot - whats more, its also a real event these days.

Recently, the secret corner is popular, and Qin Hao plays Zhang Dongsheng, which makes many people feel chilly. This character is a typical honest man - at home, he is filial to his parents and flatters his wife; in the workplace, his colleagues praise him and students love him But if he doesnt get what he wants, he will destroy you all. Under the news that men chop people in the street, netizens often leave sympathetic comments, saying that he is a poor honest man

Thus, it can be seen that the honest man among men, rather than the woman who seems violently torn, is a seemingly harmless but actually harmful social tumor.

At this time, womens tearing, on the one hand, satisfies everyones mentality of watching the excitement, on the other hand, it seems that mens tearing is not as lethal as mens tearing, and if they cant do it well, they will die.

Deep rooted female infighting myth

So, why is the legend of female infighting enduring?

Because so far, it is still a patriarchal society.

The majority of men and society are monopolized by men and society.

When a woman is born, she may lose her life, she may lose her admission qualification when she goes to school, and she may be directly screened out because of her gender when she enters the workplace In such a society where the rising channel is seriously blocked, do you think it is convenient for them to hold other womens thighs or to hold male dominated thighs directly if they want to survive?

Back 100 years ago, when women were unable to live on their own and had to rely on men, especially through sexual relations, other women, especially young and beautiful women of childbearing age, became their only enemy.

Everyone will measure gains and losses. Women are human beings, so do women. When resources and wealth are in the hands of men, the weak and uncompetitive are mostly women. Which side do you think people will target?

Its not that women like to embarrass women, but everyone prefers to embarrass women - just like persimmons always have to pick soft pinch.

It sounds like a little social, but its a bloody truth.


To be honest, friendship, competition, cooperation, contradiction, and all kinds of complicated interpersonal patterns exist at the same time, both in male and female groups. We should not demonize womens struggle, but we should not mythologize women - women are human beings, thats all. Like men, they have emotions, emotions, desires and ambitions.

For a long time, the prejudice and hostility to women in the patriarchal society can not be eradicated at once. However, with the improvement of womens status and discourse power and the improvement of womens relationship, a certain degree of sisterhood will be established, which will be gradually cured, and further promote womens physical and mental health and improve womens situation.

In fact, I was quite moved when I watched sister who braved the wind and waves, because it was full of small details to show the warmth and friendship of women. The most impressive scene is that after the first group performance, sister Yi Nengjing of the push open the door of the world group was wronged to tears for an unintentional remark by the judges. Yuan Yonglin and ah duo, the two girls in orchid grass, ran from one end of the stage to the other and squatted down to appease Yi Nengjing.

I seldom watch male variety shows. I dont know whether there will be such a warm interaction between male artists and competitors. But, at least in this 30 + sister show, I see the most tender and beautiful side of female relationships.

If we only pay attention to the tearing force between female artists, we will not see the most precious part of female relationship - melt the estrangement with their own love instinct. As they said, women can help women, this is a kind of power from women. Finally, you have me, I have you, and become a big group of loving each other. It was also the scene that moved me most.

Women in the world are one family, why bother to make trouble in trifles?

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