I think what I give my boyfriend is love, but he thinks its a burden. What should I do?

 I think what I give my boyfriend is love, but he thinks its a burden. What should I do?

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The beauty asked:

I have a problem with me. Ive been with my boyfriend for four years.

Every time Im angry, he cant coax me well, and Ill finish digesting it myself.

But in the last heart to heart talk, he told me that he thought I had done too much, because I was quite detached, so he always made some jokes with him.

We see each other once a week, and we meet once a month or two after a long time,

So its basically maintained by phone, plus students dont have much money.

Now I graduated, and I may become another place in the future.

Its just that this conversation between us made me feel quite shocked. I think hes right, but I dont think Im wrong.

Im just making some harmless jokes, but in his eyes, I made them,

So I thought I gave him love, but he felt it was a burden. I didnt know what to do?

My brothers reply:

It seems that the contradiction between you is more due to differences in personality and ways of speaking and doing.

Thats why you cant get each others points.

Its a harmless joke for you. You can reconcile the happy atmosphere between you, but in his eyes, it turns into a play,

Just like some of his actions to you, he thinks that he loves you, at least it is harmless, but in your eyes, it is not enough to love you.

In a situation like you, you cant tell who is right and who is wrong.

To put it simply, it is that you are actually kind-hearted love thoughts for each other, which, due to the lack of understanding, has turned into pressure and burden.

It also shows that your way of dealing with feelings and cognition are relatively stubborn, so that you cant get the best of both worlds.

The key to this is, in addition to the differences in your own feelings,

Therefore, if you want to go on, the only way is to compromise and compromise with each other.

To put it bluntly, it means that we should be more peaceful to buffer our mentality, and then reach an agreement to show patience and tolerance to each other.

At the same time, we should make appropriate compromise with each other, and at the same time, we should improve our understanding through the gratitude brought by compromise,

Only in this way can we gradually resolve the contradiction between you.

But one thing I would like to advise you is that if you make up your mind to break up, dont be forced to continue because the other party disagrees.

But if you dont want to break up at all, you want to use cruel words to ease the fatigue in your heart,

Then I suggest learning to change a way, because I dont want to break up, but I always use breaking up to solve conflicts,

Finally, not only the contradiction has not been resolved, but also the trust and confidence between them will be reversed.