On the third day of the group, Huang Zitaos artists and tfboys are still fighting for the last place to make a debut?

 On the third day of the group, Huang Zitaos artists and tfboys are still fighting for the last place to make a debut?


The finals will be changed into a platter concert, and the retired players will become the focus

Although only seven players were selected, the overall time for the final of creative camp 2020 was longer than Jing next door.

Li Yundi danced with his sisters and accidentally showed his lively side.

Qin Hailu and Weiya form a womens group to sing and dance while you are still young.

And the rainbow chorus.

Finally, Mao Biyi sent a message to the students through a piece of entering the sea:

Time will answer growth, growth will answer dreams, dreams will answer life.

It was 11 oclock in the middle of the night, and even a ranking was not released.

Real time search make complaints about the people who are Tucao.

Whats more embarrassing is that when the live broadcast of the final started for a period of time, the top ones in the hot search list are anzaki and Liu Yuxin from the next door The9.

In this way, the program group is happy to set up a topic to create a 30% group night live broadcast blockbuster.

Later, Jiang Zhenyu, who retired from the competition because of his waist injury, went to hot search with her beauty.

Sitting in the stands, she joked that today I want to be a happy little audience.

However, even if he did not perform on the stage, Jiang Zhenyu could not be prevented from being noticed by passers-by. Its a pity that such a dancer who can carry the appearance and strength cant join the group.


Before the final, the audience had a certain grasp of most of the candidates, but the seventh and the C remained in suspense. Xu Yiyang and Zhang Yifan were the most popular candidates in seventh place.

On the stage of the final, Zhang Yifan, with a waist injury, played a closed stage and solo performed a dance of mercury.

Xu Yiyangs performance in fire plume is also very eye-catching.

Finally, Zhang Yifan was promoted, and Xu Yiyang regretted that the eighth place of the card could not be formed.

From the beginning of the program, Zhang Yifan left an impression of crying.

The prize chocolate was eaten and cried;

Tear incontinence she cried all the way to the final.

Zhang Yifans singing level is poor, besides ballet dance is also general.

Compared with other sisters have their own clear position, she is always lack of strength.

On the other hand, Xu Yiyang, who excelled in Sangong and Huang Zitaos singing and dancing skills, missed the opportunity to form a group.

The square of Zhang Yifan and Xu Yiyang was quickly occupied by abusive and Yi Nanping.

Xu Yiyangs fans showed the number of hits and fund-raising, trying to prove that Xu Yiyang was trapped by the program group.

Supporting the real-time list, Xu Yiyangs data are also above Zhang Yifan.

Some people think that Xu Yiyangs tutor is obviously partial to other players because he belongs to Huang Zitao company, which is unfair to other players.

Huang Zitao has called her many times in the program and on social media.

Xu Yiyang raised 2.7 million yuan, but has all the money been used for investment?

One is Zhao Yue, a fan of warwolf; the other is xilina Yi Gao, who has the title of all-round ace.

Finally, the five character sister kept the center position, and Zhao Yue won the second place.

The Seine River (snh48) did not lose. We all showed our greatest courage. It doesnt matter if we are not seen now. Sweat will not betray ourselves. Our journey will lead to thousands of stars.

From his mistakes at the beginning of the stage to todays dance of the prince and princess in red dress, Zhao Yue has conquered himself.

In July 2017, participated in the voice of China;

In July 2020, the C position of the womens League will come out.

July is a lucky month for Celina Yi Gao.

At the beginning of creative camp 2020, Schilling, who sang some one you loved and like you, was immediately remembered.

No one doubts the strength of hillin, but doubts about her adaptability to the womens team.

Schilling has proved her ability to adapt to public performances. The happiness and harvest brought by the troupe are far beyond everyones imagination..

Now she is ready to support each other with six other members to complete the transformation from me to us.

Like xilina Yi Gao, she is also responsible for vocal, including Wang Yijin, Chen Zhuo Xuan, and Zheng Naixin, who form four strong vocals with seven members, which is rare in the previous womens League.

Nene Zheng Naixin, who has always been ranked in the top three, has made a regretful fifth appearance this time.

Zheng Naixins vocal strength has always been good, although she looks soft and cute, but she is full of explosive power.

As a Thai, only a few months of learning Chinese, it is very difficult to come to a foreign country to compete.

Compared with when she first joined the camp, Zheng Naixins Chinese has also made great progress.

Here, she not only gains the love of creating people, but also gains the friendship she never felt.

The feelings between her and Wu Yalu, a translator, have moved many people.

In her speech, she said:

To form a group is not only to have the ability to sing and dance, but also to be a better person, to influence others and to make the world a better one. This is my highest goal. For the past six years, Ive been the only one who has been holding on to my dream, but now with you, let me get closer to my dream.

During the first announcement of the programs ranking, Chen Zhuo Xuan once called out to the sponsors: why do other people go to shoot Chinese advertisements? I havent been there once. Is it because I dont stand high enough?

Am I not high enough? It quickly became a golden sentence out of the circle, which aroused a little splash for the vague Creation Camp 2020.

When she performed alone in the vocal group that night, her singing of Bangbang was both explosive and steady.

People found that because of her sharp character, she underestimated her strength.

As a copywriter of the team, Chen Zhuo Xuans speech is also quite artistic.

Once I was most afraid of fans meeting because I didnt know if there would be my light sign. Is there anyone who is staring at me in such a big field. Thank you for not fighting alone.

Im not sorry at all, its the result of all of us. Because there are cracks in life, the sun can shine in.

In the face of a reporters question, how do you think of your group and the 9 or rocket girl?

Chen Zhuo Xuan said:

Quick response, clear logic, and can poke the audiences high point.

There is no doubt that Chen Zhuo Xuan is an indispensable Diplomat spokesman for hard candy girl 303.

Wang Yijin, with a pair of dimples, is an easy-going, gentle and real girl.

Zhang Yifan describes her with three words: the warmest.

She is both competitive and vocal.

Like you, miss achu, Guji Guji, she is committed to every stage.

When people mention Liu Yuning, they always say that she is the standard appearance of the womens League.

Card point, hair shake, Liu Yuning always brings us visual enjoyment.

Before she joined the Creation Camp, she had been cold and learned to open her heart gradually.

She did not forget to thank her former teammates


Where is the way out for Chuangs womens League?

During the live broadcast of the finals, many viewers who didnt see creative camp 2020 were watching. Many were surprised at the beauty and strength of hard candy girl 303.

So theyre so strong at mcvocal? And they are all beautiful.

However, no matter in terms of the amount of broadcast and the degree of topic discussion, creative camp 2020 was defeated by youth with you 2.

At the beginning, Creation Camp 2020 was highly expected, backed by geese factory and all kinds of momentum, hoping to recreate the brilliance of chuang-1. After two episodes, the program became more and more confusing.

In terms of time, there was youth has you 2 before, and sister riding the wind and waves later. The broadcast time of Creation Camp 2020 is not dominant.

Dance, vocal group one-on-one competition, tutor team battle, such as voice of China and Legend of the next stop combined version of the competition system.

Over exaggerating the cruel atmosphere, not giving all the players the opportunity to perform on the primary stage.

The founders painstakingly selected the C-bit of each song, but the program group did not give the C-bit the right to choose his teammates freely.

From the beginning, the audiences sense of participation was not strong, and they were completely led by the program group.

However, the hard candy girl 303 is backed by the goose factory, so the resources are not in short supply. It is said that before formally forming a group, there are about 10 advertisements on the road, such as daily cosmetics, beauty make-up and mobile travel.

However, as the first Chuang department womens group after the rocket girls 101s, it seems that there is still a long way to go to copy the glory of senior sisters.

What do you think of the ranking of the finals?

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