The 7th speech out English grand ceremony held Online

 The 7th speech out English grand ceremony held Online

The activity is divided into two days, each live broadcast seamless connection. Before each students performance, a warm heart call video recorded by the teachers in the Abbey campus was played to encourage the students to show themselves better.

The event is divided into four groups according to their ages: 3-4-year-old children group, 5-6-year-old preschool group, 7-9-year-old children group and 10-13-year-old youth group. The time of each group was 60 seconds, 90 seconds, 120 seconds and 180 seconds. According to the learning stage of each group of students, four regular themes and one special theme are carefully set up. The students can choose one of them to show their English style.

Yang Xiaoming, vice president of ebb education group headquarters and doctor of Australian language education, said: speak out is not a competition, but a stage for students to show their own style. This year, for special reasons and in view of the enthusiasm of the students, we held the first cloud English grand ceremony. We hope to tell the students that as long as they stand on the stage and dare to show, the greatest success and harvest will be achieved. Finally, we expect our top 100 students to enjoy this grand ceremony.

It is reported that the speak out English ceremony was founded in 2014 by Abbey English headquarters, which is a large-scale childrens English exhibition held for children aged 3-13 in China. It has been successfully held for six times, covering 30 provinces and municipalities across the country, affecting hundreds of thousands of Chinese families, and has been strongly supported by teachers, students and all walks of life in China.