The 5g era has just come, but this domestic mobile phone manufacturer has begun to lay out 6G

 The 5g era has just come, but this domestic mobile phone manufacturer has begun to lay out 6G

Looking back in the past, the technologies such as lift camera, full screen, screen fingerprint, mobile phone HI FI and so on all have the figure of vivo. In todays hard to innovate, these technologies that are enough to call top brands to fail are frequently launched by vivo!

In fact, like the worlds top multinational technology companies, vivo also has a global innovation and development system, which is driving vivo to a more innovative peak.

Precise division of labor, nine R & D centers seize the R & D Highland

At present, vivo has nine R & D centers in the world. In addition to Shenzhen, Dongguan, Beijing, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Shanghai and Taipei in China, vivo also has two international R & D networks in Tokyo, Japan and San Diego in the United States. Each of them has different division of labor to help the brand realize the research and development of cutting-edge technology.

For example, the 5g technology mentioned at the beginning is in the charge of vivo Beijing R & D center, which has directly participated in the R & D proposals of several key technologies of 5g, and has made great achievements in RF, power consumption and networking.

In recent years, the image field is also the key to vivo. Around the world, vivo has a professional imaging team of more than 500 people. They work together in Shenzhen, Taipei, Tokyo and San Diego. Combined with local human resources, technology and supply chain resources, vivo has not only strengthened vivos performance in the field of imaging, but also further promoted the development of mobile imaging.

The Taipei R & D center will be responsible for mobile phone optics, algorithm, color, module automation, multi camera system cooperation and other fields. Relying on Japans leading CMOS manufacturing and professional imaging technology, the R & D of photosensitive elements is placed in Tokyo, Japan, which undoubtedly strengthens the application of vivos cutting-edge imaging technology.

In addition, the U.S. R & D center is mainly responsible for strengthening the calculation examples, customizing IC, ISP and NPU, and also responsible for communicating with some partners such as Google. The Shenzhen R & D center is mainly responsible for the preliminary planning and pre research as well as the promotion of cognition, as well as the coordination and cooperation among other overseas R & D centers.

(vivox50pro realizes professional pan tilt effect in limited space)

The global R & D network further optimizes the talent coverage of vivo and accelerates the speed of product innovation research. In fact, video and 5g are just the tip of the iceberg of vivos independent innovation. In terms of artificial intelligence, industrial design and product material selection, the R & D center also plays a huge role. It expresses vivos interpretation of the smartphone industry in a cutting-edge way, and ultimately drives vivo to achieve all-round success.

Vivo5g fleet has covered 2000-6000 price range

Under 5g, 6G has already started

2020 is the year of 5g explosion! Chinese users have led the world and started ultra-high-speed mobile network life.

In such a golden age, vivo, which has been promoted to the third largest 5g mobile phone manufacturer in the world, has been in the forefront of the world in terms of product quality and product experience. At present, vivo has set up a professional team, through the Beijing and Shenzhen R & D centers, has invested in the research and development of 5g follow-up versions and standard formulation, including the scenario discussion and standard demonstration of 6G technology.