Atypical champion Lin Dan ended with the superstar era of Chinese Sports

 Atypical champion Lin Dan ended with the superstar era of Chinese Sports

Perhaps, in Chinas sports world, no other athlete is as bold and independent as Lin Dan.

Eight years ago, near the London Olympic Games, lindane beat the crowd to finalize the title of his autobiography, to the end of the world. Its from his favorite slam dunk finale. He had imagined various retirement scenarios under this BGM.

Eight years later, Lin Dan, 37, replaced all kinds of complicated ideas with a few words less than 500 words, and suddenly completed the simplest turn: 2000-2020, 20 years, I will say goodbye to the national team, it is really difficult to say so.

After four years of persistence, Lin Dan decided to take off countless honors and close the door of his fifth Olympic Games.

Yao Ming, Liu Xiang, Li Na, Lin Dan A superstar era of Chinese sports also draws a rest.

Lin Dan and Li Zongwei cherish each other.

Legends are behind the invisible

In the eyes of ordinary people, it takes courage to stop at the age of 37.

But for lindane, courage is only part of the dream.

As early as after the 2012 London Olympic Games, defending the Olympic gold medal, writing an era of super Dan can retreat, but he chose to continue.

Going on means training day after day, chasers coming in droves, and injuries accumulated over the years. No one will laugh at the end of the race against time, and Lin Dan is no exception.

Last year, when he lost in a row, all kinds of voices appeared on the Internet, and even pointed out that lindane suppressed the growth space of young players.

Huang Zonghan, a famous Malaysian hostess who has been competing with each other for many years, described Lin Dan as going against the sky. Between the loss, Lin Dan just calmly said, all the difficulties, compared with your dream, can be said to be nothing.

Everyone knows that Tokyo is the last dream of his career. Of course, he can choose to leave. Once he turns around, the accusations and self imposed pressure will disappear. However, he insists on waiting. To stay is to face a lot, and some of them are necessarily not good. But questioning and pressure are nothing compared with your ideals and dreams.

Before the Rio Olympics, lindane could have retreated bravely.

This is not what he said. In his 20-year career as a national team, he has never classified himself as a genius.

In 2004 Athens Olympic Games, the title of super Dan gave young Lin Dan unprecedented pressure. His first round out made him be joked as Lin first round. The resentment, regret and suffering on the night of his exit became the last lesson before his real rise.

Looking back on this experience many years later, Lin Dan once confessed his feelings to the surging news reporters, the reason why I am revived is that I have no retreat, I have not made excuses for myself, and I have not given myself any room to look at everything very lightly.

He said he had never been an excuse athlete and all he could do was move on.

Before the Beijing Olympic Games, he had been wrestling with himself, and almost every training session would fall. In the face of overwhelming pressure, he survived, with a talent to fulfill the perfect competition, Li Zongwei won the first Olympic gold medal in his career.

At that time, he covered the whole court, attacked fiercely, and had amazing explosive power. However, in order to further increase his dominance, he still began a painful technical transformation after 2008, increasing defense lines, strengthening control and hanging.

In the national team, Lin Dan is famous for his hard work. He is not willing to lose a point easily in the training match within the team. He was almost strict with his own demands.

Lindanes classic footage from the London Olympics.

When people regard all this as a miracle, it is not clear that in the nearly one year away from the competition, whether on holiday or in business activities, Lin Dan will always bring his physical fitness coach with him. Even if some activities take up training time, he will consciously make up for it. I hope that when I return, I will be no different from myself a year ago. If I cant, Id rather not return.

Sometimes when he talks to the coach, he is also asked to be speechless, the coach always asks me why I work so hard? In the end, the coach came to the conclusion that lindane might love the sport more than other athletes of the same year or younger.

These invisible details create a super Dan era:

666 career victories, 83.4% of the super high winning rate;

81 titles;

66 singles champions;

20 world champions in 20 years;

Take 6 soup cups and 5 sudyman cups;

Won the world championships five times;

Two Olympic gold medals;

The only badminton player in a double lap Grand Slam.

If it wasnt for his age, injuries, the new crown epidemic, and the Tokyo Olympic Games delayed by one year, Lin Dan might choose to fight to the end, but nothing if.

Lin Dan and his wife Xie Xingfang.

Tattoo, business, an atypical champion

Unlike todays young athletes, who live in the boudoir of the team and present themselves on social networks. In the eyes of the vast majority of sports journalists, Lin Dan is a good interviewee for his nature but not pretentious.

He does not go around the circle, and seldom talks about routine things. He does not avoid talking about his occasional emotional loss. He analyzes it from the perspective of the coach and himself. Even the Olympic champion also talks about delicious food with the reporters who ride with him.

Perhaps, Lin Dan has never been a traditional Chinese athlete in the ordinary sense. He has subverted the long-standing stereotype of Chinese Olympic champions.

He has several personalized Tattoos - maybe in the process of tattooing, some requirements of the army will be violated, but tattoo does not mean that I am not loyal to my army. At that time, he did not shy away from the outside worlds questions, but was unwilling to explain.

Many people have different understandings of tattoos, but Lin Dan seems to be of great significance, especially the five-star tattoos on his left lower arm. They are a field I have fought in, which means the history of achievements and achievements I have created.

In addition to tattoos, he was criticized for his involvement in business and fashion as an athlete.

In 2009, he cooperated with Li Ning brand to open LD series of the same name. In 2014, Lin Dan, who took off his military uniform, began to set foot in the business field. First, he reached a commercial cooperation with a Korean coffee chain, and then his own underwear brand intimatebylindan once became the focus of the topic.

At that time, on the social network, there was a clear-cut evaluation of Lin Dan as the boss: some people thought it was an attempt to diversify the athletes and expand the field; there were also doubts about the athletes lack of work.

Lin Dan responded with a loud voice, and he devoted 90% of his time to training and competition. No one ever questioned the quality of his training, because even if he missed a training class, he would find time to make up for it. I know what I want very well.

Lin Dan is such a restless person.

Lin Dan attended his underwear brand conference.

He does not deny that under the current sports system in China, there is still a lot of blank space for athletes to develop their own value as individuals. He wants to imitate Sharapova, Beckhams and Ronaldo to try to cross-border in many fields, and does not hide the ambition of the commercial market.

So he used his own way to change the secular impression left by the athletes in the Chinese system.

This may be a certain paleness of Chinese sports thinking, which we seldom think of. Lin Dan has always regarded himself as a professional athlete. Although I am in the system, I have always asked myself to be a professional athlete.

In 2015, Lin Dan has taken a step that has never been seen in the system. He signed a 10-year personal sponsorship contract with the sponsor, yonix, with a total price of 100 million yuan. He no longer uses the rackets and shoes of national team sponsor Li Ning in the competition.

But at the signing ceremony, Lin Dan said frankly that he had never thought of challenging the system.

Lin Dans diversified development is inseparable from the loose management mode created by the badminton team, whether it is tattooing, business or signing individual sponsors. However, it is said that he also handed in 15% of the share.

Such a maverick champion in the system has been sought after in the business field and entertainment industry. At its peak, lindane had as many as 20 sponsors, including such big brands as Montblanc and Gillette.

But sometimes fate is so subtle. When the incident of cheating after the Rio Olympic Games was made public, many sponsors left. The huge commercial empire built by Lin Dan began to disintegrate, and his underwear brand had to be temporarily suspended due to the influence of the storm and poor management.

However, in the past four years, super Dan has not stopped the pace of transformation and development. He has appeared in entertainment programs many times, prepared personal documentaries and films, and even now owns five companies, which will lay a solid foundation for his future transformation.

Lin Dans unchanging military ceremony.

End an era, leave more thinking

For a non professional sport like badminton, athletes career seems to be divided by the Olympic Games once every four years.

In early 2012, the answer to this question began to be clear. Every year, there are so many new world champions in Chinas sports field. Its not just badminton, he said. But what really has an impact, such as Lawrences theme sports change the world or life change, has not yet been achieved.

The most important reason is to see whether the sport has great charm, whether people from all over the world like it very much, whether it is global oriented and has commercial value. With this platform, you can show your personal charm. Otherwise, I think its very limited.

Lin Dan, who only wanted to win every game when he was young, began to surpass the level of winning and losing. Winning, winning and winning are not the most important to me. Otherwise, year after year, it will only make me tired.

He is very clear, in the gold medal division, only the champion can prove himself, but he chose to promote the development of badminton as his own value of existence.

He didnt care to reveal his feelings to the outside world. He admitted that the Olympic gold medal and the champions podium less than one square meter was not the only stage for him to realize his life value.

In many interviews, he would ask people why do we have to win? u2014u2014He doesnt want to be misunderstood: superstars like lindane can win as long as they want to, because success is not as easy as you think.

Before facing Li Zongweis second Olympic final, his only thought was that he could lose, but not let him win easily.

He took the trouble to correct the traditional narrow view of sports, winning and losing, and gold medal of most people. He said it was not until he was nearly 30 that he really found the charm of badminton and began to be fascinated by the sport.

Outside the court, he took pictures to do business, expanding the upper limit that athletes can reach; on the court, Lin Dan mercilessly bombarded the badminton super league, which is selling dog meat with sheeps head, hoping that the project could have a real change.

Unlike Yao Ming, who switched to NBA, Li Na, who was born in the national system, is not like Liu Xiang, who is content with training and competition. Lin Dan created an era of badminton belonging to him. However, this pioneer under Chinas current sports system can not really reverse the professionalization of badminton.

His perception, his insistence, has outlined completely different possibilities for future athletes in traditional sports.

However, there is still only one Lin Dan, and the era of a superstar in Chinese sports has fallen with him.

Its like the song to the end of the world that he chose as the title of his autobiography - singing the saddest song with the most burning tune.

The little contribution that our generation has made to badminton will be accompanied by those who come later to the end of the world. Badminton for me is not a champion, nor a moment of joy or sadness, but a process from the beginning to the end.

The autobiography, written eight years ago, still seems to be in the right place

Even if Lin Dans name has been blurred like a symbol many years later, I will remember the years we went through together in the age of youth.