Serious gagans GAGMAN goes online

 Serious gagans GAGMAN goes online

Chen Weiting is ridiculed and angry at the scene

After the official publicity, she has a high volume of voice. Many fans in the whole network have been playing with her rap stick (singing as she said it) in her self introduction. The rhythm of her performance caused teacher he to laugh into an expression pack on the spot. After that, he even claimed that he had been rejected by the boss of the brokerage company because of his body shape. Then a vivid imitation show of Hong Kong and Pu accent was followed. Chen Weiting was deeply affected by the connotation and directly questioned: are you making fun of me

Once in a speech reality show with debate elements, Xu Tianqi has already sent out his own charm. A homophonic performance called Ill take it, Ill take it. teacher he, who has always been calm and calm, clenched his fist and wrote sincerely: can this program hit people.

The former members of the mens League won the first prize in their brilliant performance

If the freshmens registration interview is only a prelude, then the scene of a technical examination is the basic skills of the students. Of course, in the Gaga technical school where teaching is excellent, one shot skill is not the whole of the first round examination. In Mr. Hes opinion, one shot skill is only one third of the first round of assessment. The whole assessment consists of three parts: preparation and preparation, first round skill, and reaction after scoring.

Li Fei, who comes from Xiaoguo culture, boasts that he can sing, dance, and be both civil and martial arts. However, he was defeated by his career in holdingroom. Even the two contestants, who are proud of themselves in the tsunami, are defeated by Yan Zihao.

To our surprise, Li Fei, who had been frustrated frequently, did not live up to expectations in the one engine skill assessment. He successfully amused the one car master, and won Chen Weitings golden key. He successfully escorted gag6 in the first stage.

Four masters standard is not different all their lives

Similarly, in the holding room stage, there are Zhang Xiaowan from the northern dance and the wind band of Chinese opera. In the technical assessment of one engine, it is relying on the flexibility and flexibility of her limbs to perfectly restore a flight attendant escape guide. The university teacher was busy delivering her own golden key, but Li Da, who was beside her, found it difficult to agree with her. She even doubted the teachers comedy taste. She shook her head and said, funny is funny, but its not as good as (giving the key). The outspoken teacher protected the short on the spot. He felt that the performance made him feel fried even though he didnt like body humor. It was worth giving a super high evaluation of killing everyone just now.

However, the official seal of the university teacher was once again hit back by Li Da, and even called out to the students of holdingroom that never be misled by (Zhang Wei) The teacher who was angry out of Tianjin accent couldnt help opening the Tucao mode in the interview. It was plain to say that although Li Li put on a very ordinary look, but in the process of walking, it was a comedy masters appearance. Make complaints about this after every time, so I feel that Li Dans posture is very high today. He love to make complaints about humor. I love the humor of idiot. I love verbal humor. I dont like the humor of limbs. But I can see that I can jump straight and subvert my view of comedy. I feel I must give them the key.

Serious gagans GAGMAN goes online every Friday at 19 p.m.