Lin Dan infidelity: a woman to carry the pot, I recognize

 Lin Dan infidelity: a woman to carry the pot, I recognize

Zhao Yaqi advises female friends who choose the wrong thing in their relationship to keep their eyes open, flies dont bite seamless eggs. Dont be fooled into doing that egg by sweet words, and its yourself who gets hurt in the end. Please control yourself and have a sense of responsibility. Dont harm unmarried women! he said

She said she now has a loving career and stable feelings, and advised married men, the outside world may be wonderful, but please stay married..

Zhao Yaqi

On November 17, 2016, Lin Dan responded to his wife Xie Xingfangs cheating during her pregnancy: as a man, I dont make more excuses for myself, but my actions hurt my family. Here, I apologize to my family. Im sorry

On November 18, Xie Xingfang responded to Lin Dans infidelity: our family will support this man who dares to take on the responsibility and will correct his mistakes. Our family will share the same boat..

On November 22, Zhao Yaqi held a press conference and apologized with tears: I sincerely apologize for the people who have been hurt by this incident. I never thought that my carelessness would hurt so many people. he had no economic connection with Lin Dan. Lin Dan didnt buy her luxury goods, house and car, and didnt hype for fame. .

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Yang Ming_ NV5736