Qingdao division record desk team from the local basketball association 39 games zero error

 Qingdao division record desk team from the local basketball association 39 games zero error

In the CBA rematch, there are 18 staff in the record desk of Qingdao competition area, all from Qingdao Basketball Association. From the perspective of age structure, it can be called combination of old, middle-aged and young. The oldest is over 50 years old, and the youngest is born in 1994. Our old group of staff were all from the record desk when the Jinan Tianma team was in Qingdao for the first a league, and they had more than 20 years of work experience. Chen Tao, who is in charge of the recording desk of the Qingdao competition area, recalled.

To be able to pull out 18 record desk staff from a city basketball association, especially the working team of these 18 people, has the experience of law enforcement record in CBA League, which is very rare for a city basketball association. In this regard, Chen Tao deeply felt that the Qingdao Basketball Associations emphasis on the cultivation of the younger generations talents in recent years is the key to the success of the Qingdao competition area in taking up the work of the record desk. For referees and record desk staff, the Qingdao Basketball Association always has a principle, which is to use a batch, reserve a batch and train a group. Now, its really a disgrace. Chen Tao said with a smile. Since the Qingdao competition area received the task of undertaking the rematch, the basketball association has asked to set up at least two sets of record desk teams (a set of 9 people). This is no problem for the Qingdao Basketball Association, which pays attention to the cultivation of reserved talents. Some young people certainly cant get into this circle according to their seniority, but we usually organize learning first when we have home games, so that the young people can also boldly step on the record table, They have basically had practical experience, now encounter the second round pull out a bit of problem

More than a month law enforcement competition top six years

Many fans may not understand that basketball games are jointly managed by referees, recorders and technical representatives. The recording desk is a part of the referees work and an indispensable and important part. The referee work of a wonderful basketball match is inseparable from the recording table, and the cooperation between the referee and the recorder is the key to the smooth progress of the game.

The record desk team of Qingdao competition area will be divided into two shifts after the second round of CBA, with 9 people in each group. These two groups of people use the way of rotation to ensure the perfect presentation of the first stage of the CBA rematch in Qingdao. Peninsula reporter learned that in this large team of 18 people, there are six national referees, and five will take the national referee certificate this year. It can be said that there is no problem with the law enforcement ability of this team.

Although the team is all elite, but as the team leader Chen Tao, at the beginning was really some heart bottom. In the past, the home game basically kept the rhythm of one game a week, two games a week at most. There were more than 20 home games in a season. However, the first stage of the rematch is 39 games. Now it is determined that the second stage will also be held in Qingdao, and there is an additional red island division, which is also the responsibility of our team. The total number of matches on both sides is 83, The first two stages add up to 122 games, almost equal to the workload of the past six years, which can be said to be unprecedented

Basketball record desk is not only a technical work, but also a careful work. From the determination of the starting list before the game, to the opening of the table, and then to the record of the players data in the game, and the whole game should be constantly communicated with the referee, and the data should be checked after the game. The nine staff on the stage should keep their attention high at all times. So, after two or three games a day, everyone is exhausted.

Chen Tao, who is in charge of the announcement on the record desk, and Deng Yong, who is in charge of technical statistics, are the only two who can not be replaced in 39 matches. Each game, two people will appear on the record, the first stage of 14 days, two people almost all day soak in the stadium. Every day we work at the same time. During the interval between two games, we take a squint on the big sofa in the rest room, wipe our temples with balm and wash our face in cold water. These methods are also often used, just for fear of being distracted in the competition. Deng Yong, who is over 50, told reporters.

The intensity of work in the second stage should be doubled

Excellent business ability and conscientious and responsible work attitude have made the perfect performance of Qingdao record desk team in the first stage of CBA rematch. The CBA staff in charge of the referee work gave a very high evaluation to the record desk of Qingdao competition area. But we all know that the second stage of higher intensity work is the real test.

When talking about their work experience in the past two weeks or so, Chen Tao and Deng Yong both mentioned the words thanks and pride. As Qingdao basketball players, they can participate in the CBA rematch, and become the first-line law enforcement recorder, such experience is very rare. I am even more proud that our team used the staff trained by the Qingdao Basketball Association, and no one was lent out. This shows that our basketball association has made great achievements in the past few years. Chen Tao said.

The 18 members of the record desk team are amateur basketball referees. Their jobs are all related to education. They are college PE teachers or primary and secondary school teachers. This time, they can put down their work and go to the CBA arena to take up the record desk work. In addition to the arrangement of the basketball Association, Qingdao attaches great importance to the CBA rematch and the support of their respective work units.

Deng Yong is a teacher in Qingdao No.17 middle school, and Chen Taos work unit is Qingdao No.5 Middle School. Both of them are senior physical education workers. But their original idea was that if they wanted to come to the CBA stadium this time, they could only ask for personal leave from their units. Later, the Qingdao Municipal Sports Bureau sent a transfer letter to the district education and sports bureaus. The school also supported us very much. We directly arranged for us to serve the CBA games. It can be said that this solved our worries immediately.

The second phase of the CBA rematch was held in Qingdao on July 7. As 20 teams gathered in Qingdao and added the red island competition area, the 18 member team of the record desk could no longer implement the two shifts method to cope with it. Almost everyones work intensity was doubled compared with the first stage. Everyone is very confident, we just want to be the best team in the League!

Reporter Du Jincheng from Peninsula / Yuan Meng from Peninsula

Source of this article: Al Jazeera City daily Author: Du Jincheng, editor in charge: Gong Hao_ NB12610