Only after the age of 40 do we understand that no ones life is prepared in advance

 Only after the age of 40 do we understand that no ones life is prepared in advance

According to his strength, it must be enough to make money, even in advance. Just when people thought that he will be brilliant for the rest of his life, he got the news that he was suffering from a serious disease. Now people are treating him abroad.

Coincidentally, news of the illness and death of many great writers came one after another. Many people envied their daily entry into the battle of gold and lamented that their final outcome was really unpredictable.

If you can go back to the beginning, believe that in their own life, the primary preparation is not how to enjoy life, but how to keep healthy.

Before we were 40, we always thought we were young enough to do anything.

In a letter to Mingyi, a friend of mine for many years lamented his experience before he was 40 years old. He said, I always thought that before I was 40 years old, I was still young and my parents were not old, so I always worked as a grandson in the unit, and I was angry with my parents when I went home. Only after my parents passed away last year did I understand that the people who really loved me went, and where did the friends I made outside come from?

He said, in my life plan, I neglected my parents, but never my wife and children. I wanted to stay with her until I was old, and even wanted to send my children to study abroad. But after a little twists and turns, they left me. Is this the naked reality and life?

There is no so-called fairness in the emotional world.

We are always like this, while calculating each and every one of our loved ones, on the other hand, we bear all kinds of calculations of the people we love deeply.

I calculate to give you happiness, but you calculate to leave me.

In middle age, especially after 40, everyone has his own plan for the rest of his life.

You are prepared to enjoy life for 10 million, but you cant expect the terrible disease. Without a healthy body, no amount of spirit can support the rest of your life.

You act as a good person in front of outsiders. You think that what you earn is pension fund, but you ignore your parents. They are old and neglect their families. Do they understand your contribution? With thousands of perfect endings ready, fate can surprise you with just one reason.

Life never gives us any chance to prepare.

The rest of life without plan is called failure, but the rest of life full of plans is full of accidents.

Only after the age of 40 do we understand that no ones life is prepared in advance. What we can do is to live in the present, to meet every day seriously, to face every accident bravely, to love everything worthy of love