Fanmilin: you can buy two catties of Lady cream for 230 yuan

 Fanmilin: you can buy two catties of Lady cream for 230 yuan

After the first program broadcast, fanmi Lins Baidu Index soared more than three times. In the official flagship store of Taobao, the highest selling product is also the most exposed Van Mi Lin lady cream.

Due to the stereotype brought about by wechat business in the past, the exclusive title of fanmi Lin in sister riding the wind and waves has also become one of the focuses of audience discussion.

A number of micro business agents of fanmi Lin told Red Star News reporters that the product Van Mi Lin ladys cream which has been exposed frequently in the program recently has been selling very well.

At 230 yuan, you cant even buy 8g of ladys cream in fanmilins flagship store, but you can buy 2 jin of unmarked ladys cream directly from the OEM factory.

After 40 million investment:

Some wechat merchants say they are selling very well recently

Some media reports said that in the initial stage of the project, the project level was only level B, and the situation of investment promotion was not good. According to the Beijing business daily, fanmilin has invested 40 million yuan to sponsor sister who rides the wind and waves..

At present, fanmi Lin is the exclusive sponsor of the title of sister who rides the wind and waves, and the product fanmi Lin ladys ointment has also appeared in the program many times.

In just two days after the broadcast of sister riding the wind and waves, more than 10 topics have been on the microblog hot search list. This heat is more or less transferred to the exclusive title sponsor.

Kaiyuan securities has published relevant research reports. Among them, the research paper makes assumptions on the sponsorship price of different sponsorship levels. Among them, under the optimistic scenario, the sponsorship price of exclusive title is 180 million yuan.

On June 12, after the first program was broadcast, fanmi Lins Baidu Index soared more than three times. From 2175 before the broadcast to 6544, the search index continued to rise to 7355 the day after the broadcast.

On July 4, several wechat agents of fanmilin told Red Star News reporters that fanmilin ladys ointment has been selling very well recently.

The Red Star News reporter noticed that among the official flagship stores of Taobao, the most popular product in the program is fanmilin ladys ointment, with monthly sales of 3890 pieces and evaluation of 13700 pieces.

Fanmi Lin ladys ointment is divided into two specifications, of which the price of 8G is 290 yuan, and the price of 40g is 1200 yuan.

Taking Taobaos official flagship store as a channel for calculation, fanmilin has collected at least 1.13 million yuan within a month for the product of fanmi Lin ladys ointment.

80% of sales come from wechat channel

For factory processing, 230 yuan can buy 2 jin ladys cream

In fact, sales on e-commerce platforms are not the main channel of fanmi Lin.

A micro business agent of fanmilin told Red Star news that the sales of wechat channel accounted for about 80%. (Taobao) the flagship store is a place to establish a brand. It is basically sold at the original price. Dont worry about the competition between the flagship store and us. The price of our wechat business can also be adjusted.

According to the above-mentioned wechat agents, the dealers of fanmilin are mainly divided into three levels, namely gold dealers, supreme dealers and first-class dealers. If an individual wants to become a wechat agent of fanmi Lin, he needs to take a certain amount of goods in one time in addition to paying a deposit.

The gold medal (dealer) is about 60% off to take the goods, the top (dealer) is about 4-5% off, the first level (dealer) is about 40% An agent for fanmi Lin told Red Star News.

According to the price of the first-class distributors, the lowest price of the popular fanmi Lin ladys ointment is 116 yuan / 8g and 480 yuan / 40g, which is far lower than the price of its flagship store.

At the same time, Red Star News reporter inquired about fanmilin ladys ointment in the column of domestic non special purpose cosmetics record information through China drug regulatory app, and found that its actual production enterprises are Guangzhou Yiyi Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and Hunan Hongkai Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

According to China drug regulatory app

This also means that the fanmeline ladys ointment is produced in a OEM way.

Interestingly, the Red Star News reporter found that Guangzhou Yiyi Biotechnology Co., Ltd. sold unlicensed ladys ointment on Alibaba. The price was 230 yuan / 1kg.

In other words, 230 yuan cant even buy 8g in fanmi Lins flagship store, but it can buy 2 jin directly in the OEM factory.

From the advertising sales point of view, fanmi Lin can almost be regarded as the biggest winner of the elder sister who rides the wind and waves. An advertisement saying riding the wind and breaking the waves is about to win, my sister is all painted with fanmi Lin has left a deep impression on the audience.

However, can fanmilin eliminate the unreliable impression brought by wechat business?

Source: Red Star News Editor: Xu Meiyu_ NBJS11310