Us social networking sites set off a campaign for president

 Us social networking sites set off a campaign for president

On novel coronavirus pneumonia, Hilary Duff, HilaryDuff, shared her views on the impact of the new crown pneumonia pandemic on the Instagram in July 5th, and criticized the epidemic as a tool for political parties to express their political positions.

It seems that Americans just dont care about each other. This pandemic has become the political stance of different political parties, which is a headache. Other countries have come together to contain the epidemic, and its embarrassing that we are worse than ever...

Duff wrote at the end of the post, Oh, Im running for president, too.

Duffs comments came after American hip-hop singer Kanye West issued a campaign manifesto. On July 4, independence day, Kanye West tweeted that he would run for president of the United States later this year.

We must fulfill Americas promise by believing in God, unifying our vision, and Building Americas future. Kanye West wrote.

Mr Kans campaign Manifesto has won the support of many American celebrities. SpaceX and Tesla CEO musk responded with full support..

In addition to Kanye and Hillary Duff, a number of stars, including Lincoln band member Mike Shinoda, comedian Sarah Colonna and cartoonist Scott Adams, have announced their candidacy for the US presidential election on social networking sites.