Hong Kong Police little tiger Sir unties the gauze, too distressed!

 Hong Kong Police little tiger Sir unties the gauze, too distressed!

I should call it evidence

Little tiger Sir said in the article: every policeman who keeps his post and the public who has been supporting the concept of justice do not have blood, tears and sweat in vain. Todays prelude to dawn is the result of everyones persistence and efforts.

In his article, he exposed his wounds and joked with humor: I am the proof of black storm created with strong acid liquid, and I am also a spirit frightening monster in the mouth of brothers and friends, so, together I should be called evidence.

On October 1 last year, little tiger Sir was shot by a water gun filled with water (commonly known as concentrated nitric acid and hydrochloric acid) in the hands of the mob during the confrontation with illegal protestors. His clothes were penetrated and smoked, and his back and inner part of his right arm were burned.

Debridement, skin grafting, nail removal, he has experienced three operations. After skin grafting on the right hand wound, he hit more than 200 nails. His physical condition was so bad that he could hardly take care of himself.

However, the injury in the tiger Sir with amazing perseverance, adhere to boxing exercise. I want to get back to action as soon as possible, get back to work and fight with my colleagues, he said

Rehabilitation diary of little tiger Sir (excerpt)

Day 41: the right arm can finally bend freely and firmly grasp the left arm!

Day 55: I hope that in the future, the whole country can be filled with fighting disciples who uphold the spirit of the tiger.

Day 70: law enforcement! Fighter! Dream!

Day 79: I have to learn skin care recently

Day 249: the more you hit the tree, the harder you fight, the more crazy you will be.

Im not great

Because I am a Hong Kong police officer

Now, he is very excited by the introduction of Hong Kongs national security law. Little tiger Sir describes his excitement with meteorite like pressure finally removed from his chest. He wrote on social media: Im not very great, and Im not a hero. Im just fulfilling the promise I made to the chief executive when I joined the post, contributing to the society, serving the country and never forgetting my heart, because Im a Hong Kong police officer.

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