Ding Junhui was looked down upon at the World Championship

 Ding Junhui was looked down upon at the World Championship

As the 11th seed of the world championships, Ding Junhuis performance this season has been fluctuating. Snookerhq, the famous snooker media in Britain, reviewed Ding Junhuis performance in the whole season and analyzed his prospects for the world championships. Although Ding Junhui won the championship of the British championship this season, this honor can be said to be unexpected. His performance after and after that can only be described as frustrating.

Before the British championship, Ding Junhui encountered a round three times in the five ranking competitions. However, in the British championship before Christmas, the 33 year old Ding Junhui proved that he was capable of playing at the highest level and could compete with the best players in the world. He beat OSullivan to enter the final and beat Maguire to win the championship. Everything seemed to be going on Its perfect.

However, when people thought Ding Junhui would be inspired by this champion, they did not expect that he would continue to get nothing in the new year. In addition to scoring in the last 16 in Wales, Ding Junhui often dropped out in the first few rounds in other competitions, often making people see him sitting in a chair dejectedly and looking very helpless. Ding Junhuis world rankings also declined after he chose to quit the touring Championships to avoid taking risks and returned to the UK in June.

Obviously, Ding Junhui still hopes to complete the Grand Slam in Sheffield. The runner up in 2016 is still regarded as one of the best players in this era. However, so far, he still fails to engrave his name on the world championship trophy. The experience of trump winning the world championship for the first time last year will undoubtedly bring more pressure on Ding Junhui power.

In fact, due to his poor record, Ding Junhui has not felt the psychological burden and pressure of winning the world championship for a long time. However, Chinese fans and media are eager to see the most outstanding Chinese player show his potential on the biggest stage.

Ding Junhui will return to the United Kingdom for isolation before the world championships. Whether this will affect his preparation is unknown. Of course, some experts believe that even at the best of times, Ding Junhuis ability to resist pressure is not very good, and this years world championship is likely to be carried out with empty court or few spectators, which may be a good thing for Ding Junhui.

As far as snooker is concerned, the 33 year old Ding Junhui is still relatively young, but he has gone through the process of failure after too many shocks and then hitting again. Can he continue to persist? In the same district as OSullivan, Mark Williams and Bingham, Ding Junhui is likely to need to put himself into combat from the beginning of the first game.