South Korean female athlete suicide team member testifies: accompany drinks drinks to vomit team doctor touches thigh

 South Korean female athlete suicide team member testifies: accompany drinks drinks to vomit team doctor touches thigh

I was beaten badly. I cried every day. I was beaten like a dog. I would rather die than endure it. Cui Shuxian, a triathlon woman, accused the coach of atrocity. South Korea was shocked by Cui Shuxians suicide. The South Korean Olympic Committee promised to take strict measures against those involved. The South Korean President also ordered a thorough investigation.

The South Korean government also held a press conference on Cui Shuxians suicide incident. Two of Cuis teammates summoned up courage to come to the press conference. They stood up to testify: the coach often abused Cui Shuxian and the players. In 2016, she drank coke, fined her bread for her weight gain, and ate snacks and was also raped.

Slapping and punching is our daily life. The coach broke his finger with his foot in the training ground in the early morning, and the coach slapped his face with a cigarette in his mouth, breaking the eardrum. As long as you say hello to people outside, the head coach will talk back. When eating out, the coach will call to ask why they want to eat out and dont care about their weight. After that, they slap in the dormitory.

One contestant also said: because of appendicitis surgery, no stitches were removed after discharge, so they asked for training. They also told us to stick band aids and swim. There is no problem. The team is the kingdom of coaches. Here, habitual violence and vicious words are natural behaviors

One of the team leaders did not use violence to testify, but also used abusive behavior. The team leader said Cui Shuxian was a psychopath and stopped her from getting close to us. If there is a mistake in training, the captain will seize my collar and pull me to the top of the building and threaten to die if there is any more problem Another team member said, after I fell asleep, the captain sneaked into the room to unlock and read my SMS.

The two team members also mentioned the sexual harassment of the team doctor. The therapist who claimed to be a teammate said that she was a university professor. She stroked her chest and thighs under the pretext of treatment. The team doctor also said that Cui Shuxian could reach the limit and let her die by herself.

The two contestants who came forward to testify said that they were also victims. The reason why they did not disclose the truth before was that they were afraid of being revenged. Because of the fear that our career would be affected, we have not summoned up the courage to file a lawsuit. Here, I apologize to Cui Shuxian, hoping that the perpetrators will admit their crimes and accept the punishment they deserve.