The last recording exposure of a girl who died in a car accident

 The last recording exposure of a girl who died in a car accident

A girl who died in a car accident cried after listening to the recording (source: video synthesis)

On May 9, Li Sha, a 21-year-old girl who was teaching in Guangxi, died in a car accident. The 10th is mothers day. A piece of audio she recorded in advance has become the last voice left for the world During her official account, she took the initiative to go to the most remote town. She had 13 classes a week and managed 3 public numbers, but she still did not forget to learn. Her mother was worried that it would be too hard, but she said, I grew up in the mountains, and I will persist..

A 22-year-old female graduate student died in a traffic accident. She planned to donate organs to her 64 year old

Recently, Li Sha, a graduate student of South China University of technology, died in a car accident on her way to teaching in Guilin, Guangxi. The father recalled that he had inspired his daughter since he was a child. The children of farmers must fight hard. Her daughter also believed that knowledge would change the fate. She would return to her hometown after she had learned something from the mountains. When sorting out the relics, he found that his daughter had planned a lifeline for himself, and the last line read: 64 years old, lonely and die, donating organs.