Transfer to release Q2 mobile phone market report

 Transfer to release Q2 mobile phone market report

According to the report, from the perspective of the whole new machine market, 5g mobile phones are the leading role, and the price has been low again and again. At present, the starting price of a number of 5g middle end mobile phones is below 2000 yuan, and the actual price of some models has exceeded 1500 yuan. With the release of more low and medium-sized 5g chips and the application of corresponding models in the third quarter, the official starting price will be significantly lower.

At the same time, 4G mobile phone prices continue to decline. In particular, in the 618 e-commerce war in the second quarter, manufacturers and e-commerce platforms continued to reduce the price of new machines through discounts and subsidies in order to increase sales. Q2 turn mobile phone market shows that in the whole second quarter, the prices of domestic main models in the new machine market generally fell by 100-400 yuan; while in the second-hand mobile phone market, the transaction price of 99 new second-hand main models also fell, for example, Xiaomi 105g version dropped 558 yuan in three months; in June, the price of second-hand mobile phones dropped more.

Analysts in the transfer strategy research section said that the second quarter is a stage of market recovery. Manufacturers hope that sales will return to the right track. In addition, 618 is the traditional mobile phone 3C product promotion node, which can exchange sales volume and improve market confidence through price reduction. Moreover, the price reduction of new machine market will inevitably trigger chain reaction in the second-hand market.

According to Q2 mobile phone market, the top 10 second-hand mobile phone transaction volume in the second quarter was iPhone. Among them, the old models of iphone7, iphonex and iphone8plus occupy the top three places. Moreover, the release of new iphonese has also driven the search volume of iPhone. In the second quarter, the search volume of iPhone continued the trend of the previous quarter and continued to rank the first, surpassing the popular sub models such as iPhone X and iPhone 8 plus. It is worth noting that the same small screen classic model iPhone 7 has become the second-hand king of the machine in the new season.

The price of 5g new machine is also going down all the way. Among them, redmi10x has lowered the official starting price of 5g mobile phones to 1599 yuan. During the period of 618 promotion, the actual selling prices of some 5g new models dropped to less than 1300 yuan.

Data shows that 5g mobile phone transactions in the second-hand market only account for 3.25%. Among them, Huawei and Xiaomi occupy the top five in the 5g mobile phone trading volume list. Huawei mate 30 pro (5g) is still the most popular 5g model; Xiaomi 10 (5g) and Huawei mate 30 (5g) are ranked second and third respectively.

Although 4G mobile phones still occupy the dominant position in the second-hand market, the number of users choosing second-hand 5g mobile phones is increasing, according to analysts in the research section of transfer strategy. With the continuous improvement of 5g network coverage, the optimization of mobile phone hardware configuration and the complete coverage of high and low end mobile phone prices, the opportunity of 1000 yuan will come soon.