The miserable world of Korean female athletes: she has been humiliated and raped for many years, and death is her only choice

 The miserable world of Korean female athletes: she has been humiliated and raped for many years, and death is her only choice

At the end of the dialogue, 23-year-old Korean Triathlon athlete Cui Shuxian also ended his youth life.

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A 23-year-old Korean athlete cant bear to be abused and commit suicide (source: Netease sports)

According to a friend of Cui Shuxian, the reason why she chose to commit suicide was that she had been fed up with the beating, abusing and harassing of the coach. Cui Shuxian could not bear to be disturbed by the physical and mental abuse.

Life is precious, and Cui Shuxian is not an extremely lethal person. In February, Cui Shuxian filed a complaint with the city hall, accusing her coach, team doctor and two senior team members of her team for violent and abusive behavior against her. In late May, police transferred the case to the prosecution and suggested prosecution for assault charges. The police wrote in the report that the prosecution has been investigating this case.

In April this year, she complained to the South Korean sports and Olympic Committee, asking for a thorough investigation of the personnel involved. The agency accepted the complaint. In order to better communicate with Cui Shuxian, the agency sent a female investigator to participate in the investigation.

Among the relics left by Cui Shuxian, there are also his own voice secretly recorded when he was abused. The dialogue content is really impressive

Hello! You rubbish

Have you been beaten twice by me? Why do you have to be beaten to keep your memory

You dont deserve to be beaten by me!

In the following plot, it is probably that after the official investigation into the matter, the personnel involved will be given heavy punishment such as stopping competition and imprisonment. According to common sense, this is normal. However, the fact is likely not to develop in the direction that people are too idealistic.

Korean athletes grew up in rape and beating.

It was some of the abused athletes who uttered such an exclamation.

In the second half of 2019, the National Human Rights Commission of South Korea released a survey result:

It was the South Korean short knife speed skater Shen Xi Xi who prompted the National Human Rights Commission to make the investigation.

In 2012, Shen Xixi, who was only 15 years old, rose rapidly in the international short track speed skating arena. The Korean media did not hesitate to use such words as the new queen of short track speed skating ascended the throne to praise Shen Xi Xis talent, and Shen Xi Xi did not fail to live up to the expectations of the Chinese people.

In the 2012 World Youth Championships, Shen Xixi won the first place in 500m, 1000m and 1500m, the third in super 1500m and the first in all-round in the World Youth Championships. In 2014, he won the 3000m relay champion, the 1500m runner up and the 1000m runner up in Sochi Winter Olympics. In the 2018 Pingchang Winter Olympic Games, she won the 3000 meter relay championship again, but the performance of individual events was not satisfactory.

At the end of 2018, Shen Xixi uncovered the scar hidden in his heart: 20 days before the Winter Olympic Games, his coach Zhao Zaifan beat her severely, and a punch became a concussion, and he was seriously injured and hospitalized!

After this incident, the media quickly looked through the relevant words of the Korean ice alliance after the incident time - severe cold.

The crowd was shocked.

However, the story of Shen Xi Xi being abused is not so simple as once or twice.

I grew up in this kind of environment since I was a child.

Since the age of 11, Shen Xixi was frequently beaten by the coach at that time, do you understand human language? You cant hold your chest? Such insulting words are just daily greetings.

Once she called me into the office and knocked me hard with a skate for more than 20 times. Then I suffered from muscle tears, skin tears and severe bruises, and I had to train the next day. At that time, my brother was also training in the team, playing my brother harder, using golf clubs

When Shen Xixi was 15 years old, the female coach was finally transferred. Shen Xixi thought that she had seen the dawn, but she was waiting for the beginning of another nightmare for her, Zhao Zaifan, who came by air.

In South Korean media reports, Shen Xixi told his own history of humiliation: Zhao Zaifans entry into the team would still be hidden, but soon exposed his evil heart. Zhao Zaifan will hold her in the name of friendship during training. The most difficult thing to accept is that Zhao even takes the opportunity to kiss her on the lips.

This is Shen Xixi, a senior high school student, who has almost no ability to resist working with pornographic demons in sports teams.

When Shen Xixi was 17 years old, Zhao Zaifan and Shen Xixi lived alone in a room by chance. Shen Xixi had to submit. Then for a long time, Shen Xixi became Zhao Zaifans tool man to vent his animal desire.

The name of all this is ridiculous: Im doing it for you.

Zhao Zaifan has become addicted to the team, beating many athletes including Shen Xixi. Finally, three female players who had been abused for a long time reported to the police after consultation. Zhao Zaifan was jailed, but was only sentenced to 10 months imprisonment.

After Shen Xixi provided evidence to the prosecution about his experience, Zhao Zaifan was sentenced to a year and six months in the second instance. Shen Xixi changed into post-traumatic stress disorder and depression and other psychological diseases.

After young athletes are violent and violated, teams and even associations tend to solve the problem in a small and trivial way. In addition, South Korea has a strong culture of obedience and the idea that men are superior to women. It is no wonder that such things happen frequently in South Korea.

A retired South Korean athlete told the South Korean media something more terrifying that she knew: female high school athletes would be arranged by coaches to accompany political and business leaders.

I know a lot about it, and Ive seen a lot of it with my own eyes. Some officials will invite some young female athletes at the banquet, and some will ask them to wear skirts and not sportswear in advance. After drinking some wine at the banquet, they will order these girls to sit on their legs, or even touch their hands directly into their skirts.

There is no way for us to resist. Girls will even be used as a bargaining chip for coaches to make friends with powerful people.

South Korean tennis players

More and more famous Korean athletes try to make their experiences known to the public through the media, which attracts the attention of the South Korean authorities.

Last year, the president of Korea, Wen Ying Yin, ordered a thorough investigation of similar incidents, and moon Jae in the south.

Under such an administrative order, the Korean Human Rights Commission conducted a large number of secret visits and investigations, and obtained the astonishing data mentioned above.

However, just a year later, Cui Shuxians suicide hit the authorities with a loud mouth.

In 10 years of abuse, Quan mine once suffered a relapse of severe depression and chose to commit suicide by cutting her wrist, even more than once. Even if she chose to die, she did not disclose these things in 10 years.

Its not that she doesnt want to say, because even if she says it, its hard to change any situation, and maybe it will add to her career.

In 2019, five heavyweight news that really touched the society broke out in South Korea:

Zhang Ziyans investigation into the suicide actress revealed that she was forced to sleep with the economic company, and the investigation was restarted 10 years after her death.

Cui Xueli committed suicide: she was deeply involved in the public opinion of sleeping with her, was subjected to cyber violence, suffered from severe depression, and became her best friend with youhora.

Sukholas suicide: her ex boyfriend had frequent domestic violence, threatened by indecent videos, and suffered from severe depression. One month after Cui Xueli committed suicide, she also chose to commit suicide.

Room n - even unknown female artists have been threatened to make pornographic films for sale.

Room n operator

Compared with these, the experience of the female athletes is undoubtedly a small one.

The strong patriarchal style of the Korean workplace culture, so that the two most brilliant public professional women can not protect themselves. The plutocrats are in power, and the patriarchal style is pervasive. The victimized female public figures have to suffer from the crazy slander on the Internet.

South Korean film playthings is based on the Zhang Ziyan incident. At the end of the film, a set of terrible data was released. 45.3% of Korean female artists were asked to accompany with wine and 62.8% were asked to have sex reception, which is the data in 2013.

The South Korean authorities have repeatedly stated that they hope to eliminate as much as possible such unbearable phenomena in Korean sports and entertainment circles. Such similar statements and determination have been at least 10 years old.

South Korean people also know that Cui Shuxian is not the last dead.