Six drivers didnt kneel in the first match of F1

 Six drivers didnt kneel in the first match of F1

Six drivers refused to kneel.

Earlier, Hamilton called on all drivers on social media to fight racial discrimination by kneeling on one knee before the start of the new season. But the call was not agreed among 20 cars.

Hamilton believes that some drivers do not want to kneel on one knee because of their lack of understanding of racial discrimination. There are still some people who do not fully understand what is happening and the reasons for these protests. I will continue to try to be the guide and try to influence as many people as possible..

Before the start of Sundays race, all drivers will publicly express their support, acknowledge and respect that everyone has the freedom to express their support in their own way and to be free to choose what to do, the Grand Prix racing drivers association, which represents the interests of F1 drivers, said in a statement, according to Reuters.

At the same time, doing a good job in epidemic prevention is also a subject that F1 must face. According to the associated press, F1 has carried out more than 4000 new coronavirus tests for all relevant personnel in the past week, and no positive cases were found.