The total number of novel coronavirus pneumonia has been confirmed over 11 million 360 thousand, 532644 deaths.

 The total number of novel coronavirus pneumonia has been confirmed over 11 million 360 thousand, 532644 deaths.

America: US experts worry about a surge in infection during Independence Day holiday and Brazils health minister continues to be vacant

In recent days, the epidemic situation in many parts of the United States is grim, and the number of new cases in Florida, California, Texas, Arizona and other places continues to record high. At least 23 states in the United States have announced a moratorium on the restart of economic plans. U.S. government officials and public health experts are worried that the number of infections may surge during the Independence Day holiday, calling on people to minimize outdoor activities and wear masks in public places.


Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed on July 5th was the latest in 26051 cases, and 1603055 cases were confirmed in Brazil, 602 new deaths and 64867 deaths were reported. At present, the countrys confirmed cases and deaths due to the epidemic ranked second in the world, after the United States.

As of July 5, local time, in the critical period of fighting the epidemic, the post of Brazils health minister was vacant for 51 days. At present, general Eduardo pazuello is temporarily in charge. General pazuellos most controversial practice occurred in early June. At that time, in order to meet the Brazilian president bosonaros hope of reducing the impact of the increase of death toll on public opinion, the Ministry of health stopped publishing the death toll, changed the statistical format of the Ministry of health data, and even closed the official website of the Ministry of health to publish the epidemic data for a time, and only under strong social pressure did it again to open up. Since the resignation of former health minister Nelson taici on May 15, the Brazilian government has not identified his successor.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed in 3481 new cases in the past 24 hours, according to the 4 report of the Ministry of health of Peru. The number of new cases increased by more than 3000 cases in 4 days and 299080 cases.

Peruvian labor and employment promotion minister caseres said that about 30000 Peruvian enterprises had submitted applications for suspension of business. It is reported that only about 1000 applications have been approved. Employees of relevant enterprises who do not apply for other types of government subsidies may receive 760 sol (about 1521 yuan) per month.

In July 4th, novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed in Chile was confirmed in 3758 cases, totaling 291847 cases, 141 new deaths and 6192 deaths. Chile has had more than 3000 new cases for two consecutive days.

At present, the Chilean government has extended quarantine and control measures for 63 cities and towns with severe epidemic situation, including the capital Santiago, for one week, involving nearly 10 million people, accounting for more than half of the countrys total population.


On July 4th, novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed in Mexico at 7 pm on July 4th. The new 252165 cases of new crown pneumonia were confirmed in July 3rd. 6914 cases were increased in the previous day, and 6000 cases were added 3 days in a single day. 523 cases were increased in death cases compared with the previous day, and the total number has increased to 30366 cases.

Among all the confirmed cases, 45.58% were female and 54.42% were male. Among the confirmed cases, 30.18% were hospitalized and 69.82% were observed at home.

Europe: Britain begins to unseal Spain for the largest scale, with zero tourists for two consecutive months


Russian Ministry of Defense


Within the framework of fighting the new epidemic, the army has begun to build a multi-functional hospital in daluji City, Pskov state, and has completed the preparation of the foundation pit of the building ahead of schedule, the Department said on Thursday. According to the instructions of Russian President Vladimir Putin, by September 2020, experts from the Russian Ministry of defense will build two multifunctional hospitals equipped with modern medical equipment in puskov city and daluki city.


The novel coronavirus pneumonia was confirmed in 516 new cases in Britain on July 5th, according to the latest statistics released by the Ministry of health and social security in July 5th. There were 22 new death cases in a single day, with a total of 44220 deaths.

According to the prevention and control measures announced by the British government, bars, restaurants and barber shops can resume business from July 4, but relevant prevention and control regulations must be strictly observed. This is the largest and most comprehensive unsealing of all industries in the UK since the epidemic was blocked. All sectors of the community believe that this marks that the British government is convinced of an important change in the epidemic situation and an important beginning for the British government to rescue the economy in an all-round way.


According to the novel coronavirus outbreak in Spain, the number of visitors in May was almost zero, according to the ElMundo. Spain lost at least 8 million tourists in May compared with the same period last year, with an economic loss of 8.1 billion euros, according to the Western statistics department. Because the national alert caused by the outbreak also brought the number of tourists in Spain to zero in April,

The loss is serious.


The novel coronavirus pneumonia cases in Italy in the past 24 hours were confirmed by statistics released by the civil protection department in July 5th. 192 cases were confirmed by new crown pneumonia, 241611 cases were confirmed, 7 new cases were dead and 34861 cases were cumulative.

Italys economy has been hit hard by the new outbreak. Thanks to the efforts of the government, the public and the international community, the epidemic situation in Italy has been generally improved, and the number of patients with new crown has continued to decrease in the near future. Although the Italian government has taken various measures to revive the economy, the closure of the city for several months under the shadow of the epidemic has made the Italian economy struggling. GDP fell 5.4% in the first quarter of this year from a year earlier, according to Italys National Bureau of statistics. Some analysts said that the severity of the economic damage and the uncertainty of the epidemic situation itself also brought great challenges, and the prospect of Italys economic recovery was unpredictable.


According to real-time data from Johns Hopkins University, as of 6:30 Beijing time, there were 197421 confirmed cases in Germany, 223 more than the previous day, and 9023 deaths, 3 more than the previous day.

According to the latest forecast report released by the well-known German think tank, the German economy will gradually recover in the second half of this year after a significant contraction in the first half of this year. However, affected by the new outbreak, the recovery process is still full of uncertainty. German economic experts said that the whole year is still facing the most serious recession since the reunification of Germany and Germany. It is expected that the German economy will grow by about 5% in 2021, and it will be possible for the economy to recover to the level before the outbreak of the epidemic in 2022.


Novel coronavirus pneumonia cases were diagnosed in Beijing at around 6:30 in July 6th, and 204222 cases were dead, according to real-time data from Johns Hopkins University. The number of deaths increased to 29896.

Asia: India adds more than 20000 new cases a day, and Iran requires people to wear masks in public places


Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed in India on July 5th morning, up to 673165 local time, according to the latest data released by the forenoon of the Ministry of health in India. In the past 24 hours, 24850 new confirmed cases in India, the largest increase in a single day, have been maintained at more than 20000 for three consecutive days; 606 new deaths, with a total of 19268 deaths.

Prahlad Patel, Indias minister of culture, previously announced that all sites of interest managed by the ministry would be reopened to the public from July 6. Patel said all scenic spots need to strictly abide by the prevention and control guidelines issued by the Ministry of health, and must wear masks and maintain social alienation to enter the park. Since March 17th this year novel coronavirus pneumonia has been spreading, and Taj Mahal has been temporarily closed to tourists. Since then, the Indian government has extended the national blockade several times, and places of interest have remained closed.


Novel coronavirus pneumonia cases were confirmed in Iran, according to reports from the Ministry of health in Iran, according to the media in July 5th. 240438 cases were diagnosed in 2560 cases, 163 cases were newly diagnosed, and 11571 cases were cumulative deaths.

Iranian President Rohani announced that the Iranian government will implement a mandatory mask order from July 5. People must wear masks in public places and government agencies, or they will not be provided with services. Rouhani also called on the public not to conceal the infection of the new coronavirus, and timely tell the people around, so as not to infect others.


The novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed that 228474 cases were diagnosed as of 9 hours in Pakistan, and 4712 cases were accumulative total, 129830 cases were recovered, according to the Ministry of health of the peoples Republic of China. At 5 oclock, Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed in 3191 cases in the past 24 hours, and 93 new deaths.

The Peoples Republic of Bangladesh

Among the eight administrative regions in Bangladesh, Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, is the worst affected area, with more than half of the total number of confirmed cases and deaths. Local medical experts believe that only 71 laboratories in Bangladesh can carry out nucleic acid testing. Due to the limited conditions, many infected people have not been tested, and the actual number of infected and dead people is more.


Turkeys interior ministry issued a notice to the provinces that amusement parks and theme parks could be reopened on July 6. According to the requirements of the Ministry of the interior, after the amusement park and theme park reopen, visitors must pay attention to hygiene, wear masks and keep social distance. Necessary measures shall be taken at the exit and entrance to avoid close contact. In order to prevent and control the epidemic, Turkeys amusement parks and theme parks were suspended from 24:00 on March 16.

Saudi Arabia

Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed in the latest 5 hours in the afternoon of Saudi Arabias Ministry of health, 3580 cases of new confirmed pneumonia confirmed in the past 24 hours, and the number of new cases increased a lot on a single day. 58 cases died on the same day. So far, novel coronavirus pneumonia cases in Saudi Arabia have reached 209509 cases, of which 1916 patients have died seriously, and 145236 patients have been cured.

In addition to Italy, Spain, France, Germany and the United Kingdom, 61838 cases were diagnosed in Belgium in European countries;

(function(){( window.slotbydup=window .slotbydup||[]).push({id:u5811557,container:ssp_ 5811557, async:true }There were 50548 confirmed cases, 32268 cases in Switzerland and Lichtenstein, 71419 cases in Sweden, 43897 cases in Portugal and 8930 cases in Norway Among the Asian countries, except India, 44800 cases were confirmed in Singapore, 49941 cases in Kuwait, 29958 cases in Israel, 13091 cases in South Korea, 19822 cases in Japan, 8663 cases in Malaysia and 3190 cases in Thailand Among the Oceanian countries, 8449 cases were diagnosed in Australia and 1533 cases in New Zealand Among the American countries, in addition to the United States and Brazil, 113685 cases were diagnosed in Colombia and 6750 cases in Venezuela Novel coronavirus pneumonia has been diagnosed in India over 13 countries. The number of cases in the United States is 3 days. The number of deaths in the United States exceeds 129641. In the case of Italy, the new strain of the new crown virus is spreading more easily in the new world. The source of the new crown strain is: the Internet editor of the Internet: rain and wind, the 3. NBJ11143

Among them, 50548 cases were diagnosed; 32268 cases were diagnosed in Switzerland and Lichtenstein; 71419 cases were diagnosed in Sweden; 43897 cases were diagnosed in Portugal; 8930 cases were confirmed in Norway

Among the Asian countries, except India;


Among the American countries, in addition to the United States and Brazil, 113685 cases were diagnosed in Colombia and 6750 cases in Venezuela