How many people are being destroyed by yoga?

 How many people are being destroyed by yoga?

What kind of exercise is Yoga?

What magic power is there that is loved by women like this? Lets learn about yoga, the most fashionable sport of contemporary women

The soft characteristics of yoga are in sharp contrast with the powerful strength fitness or other sports, which are deeply welcomed by women. Yoga is to grasp the psychology of modern women: weight loss, plasticity, purification of the mind, and even can cure or reduce arthritis and other common diseases.

To give the majority of women a cure all feeling, supernatural, but is this really the case? Is yoga so good?

Once upon a time, there was a face survey tailored for pseudoscience to lose weight.

In this article, it is pointed out that there is no shortcut to lose weight. It depends on eating less and exercising more.

However, yoga can be said to be no exercise, a yoga class consumes very little calories.

A person weighing 68 kg burns 150 calories to practice yoga for an hour, but if he walks at a speed of three kilometers an hour, he can burn 311 calories.

Through the most direct data, we can see that Yoga weight loss is not practical. In my opinion, this exercise without displacement can not effectively reduce body weight.

There are many postures of bending the spine backward in yoga. All the postures of bending the spine backward or excessively exerting force on the spine are harmful to the spine.

Although the human spine can be greatly forward bending, but excessive forward bending and stretching of the spine will also cause damage to the spine. And twist the spine posture, if excessive force, will cause joint dislocation.

In addition to the physiological role of doubt, yoga in the psychological, may not be able to purify the mind.

Yoga does have the effect of self-cultivation, but it may not be as pure as many people think. There are more beautiful women in yoga coaches, which leads many yoga lovers to push Yoga too high. In fact, no exercise can purify the soul.

Proper exercise, the combination of work and rest, is the secret to make your body and mind comfortable.

According to news reports, thousands of Chinese people are injured by yoga, and more than 85% of them are women.

A study has shown that the physique and physique of Chinese women, especially those living in Sichuan and Jiangnan, are not suitable for yoga.

Yoga pose? Practice or self harm?

Yoga practitioners around us often come into contact with some very complex postures. In the yoga room or some yoga institutions in the gym, people can easily make some anti human actions

Adult ligaments and bone structures have been mature, joints, especially spinal joints, beyond the scope of compression and extension of ligaments and bones, often cause damage. This kind of activity is called anti joint movement.

On the other hand, many of the common postures of Yoga do not conform to the physiological structure of the human body.

Take the common shoulder handstand and head handstand as an example. The structure of the cervical spine is born to support a light head, so it does not need strong muscle tissue. This makes the flexible cervical spine very vulnerable because it does not have strong muscle tissue protection and support. Once injured by external force, it may cause serious consequences.

In the process of practicing yoga, many people will pursue beyond the limit.

Ligament strain, cartilage tear, joint inflammation, neuralgia, Achilles tendon tear and lumbar disc herniation are common Yoga diseases.

As more and more people follow the trend of practicing yoga, more and more patients with Yoga disease appear in the hospital.

According to a medical practitioner at the sports trauma treatment center, there are no less than 100 cases of Yoga induced injuries every week. All of them are office workers, fashionable women and about 30 years old.

Yoga disease has become a new disease at present.

In the world, the number of yoga practitioners is increasing by 50% every year. In the United States, about 700000 yoga practitioners are added every year. In China, almost all fitness centers have yoga programs.

Life lies in sports. Here, it is not against the mass consumer movement, but rather advocating everyone to go out. It is to remind everyone not to blindly follow the crowd. What is suitable for you is the most effective.

In the choice of sports, according to their own physical conditions, choose suitable and effective sports, strengthen the body, make their body and mind happy, better life.


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