The round hair style is too deep! Beauty is not like 40 + round face 6 skills! Age reduction and thin face

 The round hair style is too deep! Beauty is not like 40 + round face 6 skills! Age reduction and thin face

However, cherry tomato found that the round and round oxygen feeling was not born with it. The temperament of Goddess has changed a lot.

But cherry tomato looks at the round face, as if the direction of each muscle has changed, the whole person is not the same;

It seems that the facial features have not changed much, the whole person is still like that.

Cherry tomato can see one of the most obvious changes, but also the high round quietly become good-looking hair.

1. Width of mandible;

3. Zygomatic height;

Second: Gao Yuanyuan this kind of face shape, when choosing hairstyle, easy to have the following misunderstanding

Mistake 1. Cover your face with your hair and use a little too much force, such as the medium long hair on the left of the picture above;

It is too thick, lacking of layers and close to the face. Although it looks a little small, the exposed face is still square;

Correct way. You can refer to the hairstyle contrast on the right side of the picture above;

1. Obviously, the sweet appearance of Gao Yuanyuan is not suitable for the curly hair on the left of the picture above;

2. The curl of the hair tail is all piled up in the shoulder position, and the bangs are curled up, which shows the sense of age;

3. In contrast, the curly hair on the right side of the picture is younger and sweeter;

PS: on the importance of curly hair length and curl, we should get the skills in the middle!

Fourth: misunderstanding 3 short hair selection

1. Round face is also suitable for short hair, but find the right one for yourself;

2. The short hair on the left of the picture above is thick, airless and stiff, which increases the sense of age and shows the face from the front;

1. Avoid glasses with square thick frame;

2. The round frame is more suitable for the round face. It is suggested to make a comparison with the hairstyle;

1. When Gao Yuanyuan laughs, the apple muscle is more developed;

3. If you look at the contrast between the left and right pictures in the picture above, do you feel that the smile on the right side will be much better;

Well, cherry tomato todays high round, round face dry goods decomposition to share here!

Here, Ill give you another key point!

I saw a lot of Gao Yuanyuans face covering hairstyles;

Most use is: expose half face, the other side of the hair according to the shape of the face to make a large c arc

In this way, the round face becomes a melon seed face!

In addition, the fluffy feeling of hair is also very important!

Girls with round face must avoid hair sticking to the scalp

Carefully observe the pure hairstyle, you will find that when she chooses the right hairstyle, most of them are 37 points

In this way, it has the function of heightening the skull top and showing the small face!