Want to be a drone? Russian Amata tank test unmanned

 Want to be a drone? Russian Amata tank test unmanned

In the initial test phase of the vehicle, unmanned mode was practiced, the source said

Main battle of t-14 tank

In 2016, Alexander Shevchenko, former director of the General Administration of automobile and armored tanks of the Ministry of defense of Russia, once said in an interview that the latest t-14 Amata tank of unmanned robot version will be built in 2018.

According to a report in early June in Russia, Russia plans to start exporting t-14 tanks next year. According to the report, Russian Minister of industry and trade Denis mantulov said in an interview with the media that Russia will begin to export t-14 from next year after providing two battalions to the Russian army. The high price of this type of tank is not only due to advanced design, but also includes additional testing and modernization. At the same time, the U.S. media listed five potential countries to buy t-14 tanks, namely, India, Belarus, Algeria, Vietnam and Egypt.

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