Four major newspapers: frequent public offering horse trading securities companies optimistic about undervalued board

 Four major newspapers: frequent public offering horse trading securities companies optimistic about undervalued board

Among the 187 IPO companies that have accepted, 18 are newly declared projects, 169 are stock enterprises with translation declaration, and the total amount of initial fund-raising is 130.938 billion yuan.

In addition, although the translation declaration of stock enterprises has officially ended on June 29, the specific acceptance list will be announced in five working days, which means that the last batch of list is expected to be announced on July 6.

The refinancing of the science and technology innovation board strengthens the credit investment details to meet the needs of investors

Li Zhan, chief economist of Zhongshan securities, told the Securities Daily that the regulations on the refinancing of the scientific and technological innovation board are not only the improvement of the issuance system of the scientific and technological innovation board, but also a favorable policy which is in line with the new regulations on the main boards refinancing at the beginning of the year. The improvement of audit efficiency will further facilitate the refinancing of listed companies on the science and technology innovation board, promote the virtuous cycle of capital in the real economy of science and innovation, accelerate the service of capital market for scientific and technological innovation, and lead the transformation of economic development to innovation driven.

In the capital market in July, the new third board has undoubtedly become a pretty boy. As of July 2, there were 16 audit meetings of the selected layer, 34 enterprises attended the meeting, and 32 enterprises passed the meeting, and the probability rate will be centralized listing this month.

However, xinanjie, which has just completed the inquiry process, has been exposed by many media that there are problems such as the shareholders suspected bribery case has not been disclosed, there is no core technology, there are safety production risks and other issues, and it is also suspected of violating the labor law and the social insurance law.

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In the first half of the year, the real estate market basically recovered, some fluctuations remained unchanged, and the whole year showed a stable trend

Why is the real estate market still able to walk out of the V-shaped rebound after the impact of the epidemic? What is the market trend in the second half of the year? Industry insiders believe that the market has basically recovered in the first half of the year, mainly due to the current loose monetary policy. However, the market agitation in a few cities is only partial and phased, and most cities are only recovering to normal. It is expected that there will still be demand compensatory release in the second half of the year, and the improved demand in the second-hand market will become a new driving force.

Housing without speculation will persist for a long time, and the implementation of urban policies should be considered comprehensively

At the beginning of the second half of the year, following the one-day tour of Huailai County, Hebei Province, two hot cities, Hangzhou and Dongguan, issued tightening policies. Under the background of the gradual fading of the epidemic situation, the basic recovery of the overall market, and the booming property and land market transactions in individual hot cities, the practices of these cities have transmitted the signal of the trend of property market policies in the second half of the year.

On July 2, Hangzhou upgraded the lottery policy, implemented a five-year sale of high-level talents to purchase houses. At the same time, the conditions for the identification of families without a house were strictly enforced. Furthermore, the public sales of new houses were inclined to families without houses, and the relevant requirements for registration of purchase intention were adjusted. On the same day, Dongguan issued a new regulation to strengthen the management of pre-sale (sale) of commercial housing, which put forward clear requirements on the sales price and sales supervision of commercial housing. While strengthening efforts to crack down on the behavior of hoarding and hoarding sales, Dongguan strictly regulates the subscription behavior of commercial housing.

Fangyuan Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd., the largest private copper enterprise, was robbed

Shandong Fangyuan Nonferrous Metals Group (hereinafter referred to as Fangyuan nonferrous metals) is located in Dongying. The output of electrolytic copper ranks the fourth in China. Its annual business income is known as 80 billion yuan. It is the largest private copper enterprise in China. People familiar with the matter quoted an anyong report saying that the company falsely reported the number, and the company stood on the air of public opinion. Previously, the company has been liquidity crisis, and encountered a number of bank loans.

For Dongying, the two core subsidiaries of Fangyuan Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd. are the 10th and 11th largest enterprises in revenue. The company is also the leading brother of the non-ferrous metal industrial cluster among the four major industrial clusters that Dongying focuses on, and also an important contributor to the local tax revenue and GDP of Dongying. Now, the debt Committee stationed in Fangyuan Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd. has already been established. The Dongying Economic and Technological Development Zone has specially assigned a team to solve the financing and evaluation problems of Fangyuan nonferrous metals, and the provincial level of Shandong Province has also intervened.

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Shanghai, Hong Kong and Shenzhen fund can get a piece of the cake

In the second half of the year, Hong Kong stocks began to show signs of continuous rebound, and Shanghai, Hong Kong and Shenzhen funds were again concerned by investors. According to Oriental Wealth choice, as of the first half of this year, there were 189 Hong Kong stock related funds in the whole market, with a management scale of 93.1 billion yuan. From the perspective of historical performance, the performance of actively managed products is obviously better than that of Hang Seng Index. Therefore, when deciding to lay out the Hong Kong stock market, many investors have focused on the Shanghai, Hong Kong and Shenzhen funds with outstanding long-distance performance and strong active management ability.

In the view of industry insiders, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Shenzhen funds have expanded the scope of fund investment, and fund managers can look for better investment targets in the three markets. Compared with the products only invested in A-share market, such products have a wider range of investment price comparison and better investment opportunities. Investors can choose excellent Shanghai, Hong Kong and Shenzhen funds according to their positions, fund managers and fund size.

Talent cross border empowerment new marketing head platform

Tiktoks new marketing competition has become white hot with the live broadcast of Taobao. The funds live broadcast, video frequency operation and jitter are attacking in many directions, trying to take the lead in attacking the commanding heights. Who has poached the network star host, which family has invited CCTV coffee cross-border to join, the wind of gossip is often spread all over the circle in an instant. In the era of marketing 2.0, if you know yourself and know your enemy, you will not be lazy. Who can take the lead in cutting the delicious cake of the new marketing market with a faster and more eye-catching posture.

However, although the trend of live broadcast is in full swing, its sales conversion rate is still a headache for fund companies. Many fund companies interviewed said that the current live broadcast focuses on investor education, and the attribute of carrying goods is not obvious, and it can not hold high expectations for sales conversion rate in the short term.

More than 90% of private placement positions are optimistic

According to private placement network data, in June Rongzhi u00b7 China hedge fund manager A-share confidence index fell to 113.23, down 1.5% month on month, even lower than the index value in February. However, the confidence index rebounded rapidly in July, with a month on month rise of 5.2%. It can be seen that many private fund managers have greatly enhanced their confidence in the stock market in July. Among them, 3.2% of fund managers are extremely optimistic, 58.8% of fund managers are optimistic, and the proportion of fund managers who are optimistic and extremely optimistic is 24.13 percentage points higher than that in June.

It is worth noting that this optimism about Julys A-share market is also reflected in stock positions. By the end of June, the average position of subjective long strategic private equity funds was 79.11%, an increase of 6.95 percentage points compared with 72.16% in May. The overall position remained at a medium high level, reaching a new high since February this year.

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Quality and efficiency are emphasized by the selected layer, and 32 companies are approved for public offering

From April 27 to July 5, 32 listed companies were approved for public offering. Among them, the average time from the acceptance of the project to the issuance of the first round of inquiry is 5.4 working days, and the average time from the approval of the listing committee to the approval of the CSRC is 2.7 working days.

The relevant person in charge of the national stock transfer company told China Securities News that in order to ensure the establishment of the selection layer on schedule, under the leadership of the CSRC, the national stock transfer companies concentrated their efforts, insisted on the simultaneous progress of efficiency and quality, continued to maintain an efficient pace of review, and made every effort to ensure the steady progress of the selection levels acceptance and review.

A good start in July: securities companies are optimistic about undervalued stocks

Since July, the trading volume and price of A-share market have risen simultaneously, and the increasingly strong bull market atmosphere has made many investors attention and participation rise rapidly. By the end of July 3, the Shanghai Composite Index rose 2.01% to 3152.81; the Shenzhen Composite Index rose 1.33% to 12433.26; and the gem rose 1.57% to 2462.56. The trading volume of the two cities totaled 1.17 trillion yuan on that day, breaking through trillion yuan for the second consecutive trading day.

One of the important wind vane of market trading, northward fund has been active in recent years. Data show that on July 2 and 3, the net inflow of northward funds exceeded 10 billion yuan for two consecutive trading days, reaching 17.115 billion yuan and 13.194 billion yuan respectively, and the accumulated net purchase exceeded 30 billion yuan.

New solution to the old problem of replacing generals by horse in public offering

In the first half of the year, the performance of mutual fund investment was brilliant, but judging from the phenomenon that more than 50% of the public offering institutions (including securities companies Asset Management) changed their executives, the problem of stability of senior managers still plagued the development of the fund industry. Public fund raisers pointed out that the market fluctuated greatly in the first half of the year and many executives of small and medium-sized fund companies were forced to lay off due to the pressure of assessment. From the past development experience, in order to improve the stability of the top management team, we need to work hard on the incentive mechanism.