Institutions intensively investigate biomedicine and guard against short-term market risks

 Institutions intensively investigate biomedicine and guard against short-term market risks

64 companies obtained institutional research

According to wind data, 64 listed companies in the two cities, including seagull, Ruifeng high tech, Yixintang, Delian group and Huayang Group, were surveyed by various institutions last week. In terms of industry distribution, the research focuses on Listed Companies in special chemical industry, biotechnology, construction products, industrial machinery, real estate development, electrical components and equipment. The observation found that last weeks research institutions increased the attention to the construction and real estate industry.

Specifically, Shenzhen Zhenye a, a listed company in the real estate development industry, welcomed the joint investigation of Southwest Securities, Jiuyue asset management and Qingshui investment management last week. According to the survey information, at present, Shenzhen Zhenye As projects in Shenzhen mainly include Jinhui Park and Zhenye times garden in Shenzhen Shantou cooperation zone. By the end of 2019, Jinhui park has a total sales area of 232600 square meters, which is currently the final sales stage. The first phase of Shenzhen Shantou times garden is sold out at the end of 2019, and the main body of phase II project has been capped. There is significant uncertainty about whether the company and Metro Group will have further cooperation arrangements in the future. In the future, the company will still be based in Shenzhen, deeply plough in Dawan District, focus on the existing cities and their surrounding areas, actively pay attention to the local land market and seek other development ways such as shed renovation and leasing.

Last week, construction products related listed companies such as Lingnan, seagull, Jianlang hardware, xiongsu technology and Donghong Co., Ltd. ushered in intensive research. Among them, seagull housing workers welcomed a group survey of several institutions last week, including Huabao fund, YONGYING fund, Shanghai Hezhen Asset Management Co., Ltd., Guangdong houfang Investment Management Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Tongzhen Investment Management Center (limited partnership). According to the company, Youchao and furunda have customized two brands of bathroom for the company. In 2019, with its good brand image and excellent product quality, the company has become a strategic centralized purchasing supplier of Longhu real estate, Yuexiu real estate, Vanke Real estate, Xuhui Lingyu, excellence group, Shangkun, China Resources and Greenland Hong Kong; through participating in Shanghai KBC exhibition, Guangzhou BIC Guangzhou construction industrialization exhibition and Beijing housing Expo, the company has expanded the market, recommended new products and services, and improved customer recognition To know and establish the brand image; to successfully complete the relocation of Qingdao new factory, and to standardize the management of a number of information systems to improve efficiency.

Watch out for short-term market risks

Last week, among the securities companies, Anxin securities, Guotai Junan Securities, Haitong Securities, China Merchants Securities, Guoxin Securities and other research frequency was relatively high, and the key stocks focused on were Sophia, Lingnan shares, Tieer laser, Huayang Group, Ruifeng high tech materials, etc. Public offering institutions such as Huaxia Fund, Xinhua fund, China Europe Fund, Guoshou security fund, Ping An fund and other public offering institutions conducted a high frequency of research last week, focusing on Zhenghai magnetic materials, DIL laser, xianle health, Yixintang, Kaifang medical and other stocks. In terms of private equity institutions, Shanghai Tongyuan Investment Development Co., Ltd., Beijing Hanhe Hanhua Capital Management Co., Ltd., Tibet Yuancheng Investment Management Co., Ltd., Shenzhen RONGSHU Investment Management Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Tongzhen Investment Management Center (limited partnership) focused on Zhenghai magnetic materials, opened medical, seagull housing, Yixintang, Huayang Group, etc. In terms of insurance companies and insurance asset management companies, Shanghai life insurance, Ping an endowment insurance, Soochow life insurance and China Life endowment insurance investigated and opened medical, seagull, Zhenghai magnetic materials, Yixintang, xianle health and other stocks last week.

Last week, the main index gains a larger increase, the trading volume significantly enlarged, and the capital atmosphere fully recovered. Specifically, Shanghai Stock Exchange 50 and Shanghai Shenzhen 300 index rose 7.33% and 6.78%, Shanghai Composite Index, small and medium board index and Shenzhen stock index increased by more than 5%, and gem index also rose by 3.36%. In terms of industries, 30 CITIC first-class industries closed up last week, with consumer services, non bank finance and real estate leading the way, all over 10%. The consumer service industry rose as high as 19.4% last week. Pharmaceutical and media performance lagged behind, rising 1.98% and 1.19% in shock.

Wind data shows that the gem index and SME board index, which represent the growth style, rose by 35.6% and 20.85% in the first half of the year, while the Shanghai 50 index, which represents the blue chip value, fell by 2.15%, while the CSI 300 index only rose by 1.64%. Yan Jin, a fund manager of HSBC Jinhui Hui hybrid fund, believes that after the first half of the years structural market continued interpretation, the small cap stocks have been interpreted to the extreme in comparison with the valuation of large cap stocks, and even some parts of the board have a bubble trend. So far, we need to be vigilant against short-term risks.

Source of this article: Ren Hui, editor in charge of China Securities News u00b7 China Securities Net_ NBJ9607