Bach congratulated Koichi on his reelection as governor of Tokyo: striving for a successful Olympic Games

 Bach congratulated Koichi on his reelection as governor of Tokyo: striving for a successful Olympic Games

Among the main candidates, she was the only one to support the Olympic Games as scheduled. The second runner, Yudu Gong Jianer, and the third, taro Yamamoto, both advocated that the Olympic Games should be cancelled.

While congratulating koji on her election, IOC President Bach also expressed his gratitude for her support for the Olympic Games. We are very lucky to have governor Koichi and partners like Tokyo who firmly believe that the postponed Tokyo Olympics will become a symbol of hope and strength for all mankind to overcome the epidemic, he said

Mori said he hopes to have closer cooperation with governor Xiaochi and strive for a successful Olympic Games.

The former Japanese Prime Minister also said in a statement that kojichi has made the Olympic Games the central issue of his campaign, so her successful re-election will provide a guarantee for the hosting of next years Olympic Games. Mori once again reiterated that Tokyo will host a simplified Olympic Games, and believes that Koichi will help everyone win over the understanding and support of the citizens of Tokyo.

With more than 100 new cases confirmed in Tokyo for four consecutive days, Koichi is also under great pressure in preparing for the Olympic Games. After winning, she said that Tokyo will strengthen cooperation with the International Olympic Committee, and earnestly promote relevant work on the basis of summarizing the epidemic situation of various countries and listening to the opinions of competitive groups of various countries, so as to promote the holding of the Tokyo Olympic Games.

We need to think about how to hold a safe Olympics, how to simplify the procedures and how to reduce costs, she said. I hope to continue to take the necessary preventive measures to make the Olympic Games a reality.

Koike, 67, has been elected as a member of the Japanese parliament and a member of the house of Representatives. He has served successively as Minister of environment, Minister of defense and President of the Liberal Democratic Party. Four years ago, she won the election of governor of Tokyo and became the first female governor of Tokyo.