F1 opener: botas wins the championship successfully and Hamilton is sent off the podium

 F1 opener: botas wins the championship successfully and Hamilton is sent off the podium

Before the race, a number of racers wore anti racist T-shirts and knelt on one knee in front of the starting line.

In July 5th, novel coronavirus pneumonia was postponed in July 5th, and the opening of the new season was held in F1.

Before the race, the racers knelt on the track wearing anti racist T-shirts.

After the start of the race, Mercedes Benz driver bertas, who started from pole position, took the lead all the way to the end and won the championship successfully. Hamilton was repeatedly punished at the beginning of the new season, and the second medpen No. 1 driver and sixth world champion finally fell out of the podium in the opening game.

At the start of the race, Hamilton was sued by Red Bull team for speeding under the yellow flag in the third stage of qualifying, and was fined to step back three places and start the race fifth. But then Hamilton caught up with the strength of the merben.

But then the laikoning tire fell off and the safety car went out again. Taking advantage of this opportunity, red bulls ALBEN surpassed Hamilton with the advantage of just changing tires. The latter knocked ALBEN out of the track in hard defense, and his blocking was also convicted of violation and fined 5 seconds. In the end, Hamilton ranked fourth in the total score after being punished.

Raikkonens car lost a wheel on the way.

Ferrari rookie leclere and McLaren junior Norris won two or three places respectively. Its also the first time McLaren kid Norris has been on the podium for the first time in his career, and he said excitedly, you can see, Im a little bit out of breath now. Youve seen the progress of our team in the past few years, and Im very proud

A week later, the second Grand Prix of the season will be held at the Red Bull circuit in Austria.