The brokerage companys net profit in June was negative, and its market value of 25 billion was on the way

 The brokerage companys net profit in June was negative, and its market value of 25 billion was on the way

According to the latest financial data of the parent company in June 2020 disclosed by Hongta securities, in June, the company realized operating income of - 86.0583 million yuan and net profit of - 89.0025 million yuan.

As a small-scale local securities company, Hongta securities has a large performance flexibility. In the first quarter of 2019 and 2020, the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was RMB 838 million and RMB 484 million, respectively, with a year-on-year increase of 116.72% and 135.77%.

This phenomenon of negative operating income and net profit appears to be very abrupt in the near future.

This is not the first time that this kind of situation has happened. Hongta securities also appeared in March this year. Looking back on the operating data of Hongta securities in each month this year, we can see that the performance fluctuation is very obvious.

Hongta securities did not explain the reason for this phenomenon. There is an unconfirmed view that the companys self-supporting business suffered losses, but the companys internal control defects is a fact.

Recently, China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) issued a warning letter to Hongta securities due to its illegal bond trading business.

According to the warning letter, Hongta securities has the following problems in carrying out bond trading business: first, information system monitoring is not in place, the companys risk control system does not set the risk control threshold of related party transactions, asset management business checks the deviation of repurchase interest rate through manual account; second, the salary deferral system of bond investment trading personnel does not meet regulatory requirements; third, there is no trace left in bond trading inquiry activities In place.

According to the CSRC, the above situation of Hongta securities has violated Article 27 of the regulations on the supervision and administration of securities companies, Article 3 of the measures for compliance management of securities companies and securities investment fund management companies, and Article 2 of the notice of the peoples Bank of China (CBRC) on regulating bond trading of participants in the bond market (YF [2017] No. 302)u201c It reflects that there are defects in your companys internal control.

The CSRC also took administrative supervision measures to issue warning letters to Hongta securities and ordered it to take effective measures to improve internal management and effectively improve the level of risk control and compliance management.

It is worth noting that the present is the first anniversary of the listing of Hongta securities, which is also the market sensitive period of the first batch of restricted shares. The company faces up to 25 billion yuan of initial restricted shares.

According to the announcement, on July 6, 1.111 billion shares of Hongta securities were released from the ban, accounting for 30.58% of the companys total share capital, more than three times that of the current market before the lifting of the ban. The companys largest trading volume of this week was 73 billion yuan.

The lifting of the ban involves 6 shareholders, including Yuntou group, Kunming industrial investment, Yunnan industrial investment, Yunnan Baiyao, Zhengye investment and China copper investment. These original shareholders have already had a good harvest.

Details of the lifting of the restricted shares of Hongta securities

The issuing price of Hongta securities was 3.46 yuan / share, which rose sharply after listing. Its share price also danced with the securities dealers in the past two trading days. In the latest trading day, it rose 8.98% and closed at 22.57 yuan / share. The floating profit of these six shareholders has reached 5.5 times since the rise of the companys share price. Whats more, the holding cost of the original shareholders is always lower than the issue price, so the shareholders income is much more than that.

Therefore, after the listing and circulation of the restricted shares, it is not ruled out that the relevant shareholders have the intention to reduce their holdings. Pay close attention to whether the company will issue relevant announcement of reduction.

According to statistics, there are 6 listed companies with more than 100 million shares of restricted shares, which are Hongta securities, Xusheng shares (603305. SH), Hualian shares (000882. SZ), Ruineng Technology (603933. SH), Zhibang home appliances (603801. SH) and Xinya process (002388. SZ).

At the same time, there are 7 listed companies with a market value of more than 1 billion yuan, and Hongta securities and Xusheng shares have a market value of more than 10 billion yuan.

There are four companies that have more than twice the number of tradable shares before the lifting of the ban. They are Xusheng shares, Hongta securities, Baida Jinggong (603331. SH) and Ruineng technology, all of which are initial restricted shares. Due to the large increase of tradable shares, the lifting of restricted shares has a relatively large impact on their own stock prices.

From the perspective of the types of shares to be lifted, there are 9 restricted shares for initial shareholders, 13 shares for placement by private placement institutions, 11 restricted shares for equity incentive, 2 initial general shares, 2 initial institutional allotment shares and 2 equity incentive general shares.

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