Bull market search fever soars, research hot institutions high, 2 shares get 100 companies

 Bull market search fever soars, research hot institutions high, 2 shares get 100 companies

As of last Friday, northbound funds had bought 13.194 billion yuan on the same day, exceeding 10 billion yuan for two consecutive days on July 2 and 3, showing a net purchase for the 15th consecutive week. Although the balance of the two financing fell down on Friday, as of July 2, the balance of the two financing reached 1190315 billion yuan, which reached a new high of four and a half years since January 8, 2016.

Kaiyuan securities market style, said that before and after July 1, the market style has changed significantly: the early strong pharmaceutical biology and TMT plate turned into a weak one, and the pro cyclical plate represented by big finance, coal and building materials led the whole market. From the perspective of capital direction, the joint efforts of domestic and foreign capital have made the first shot of style switching. Northbound funds are fully switched to undervalued + Pro cyclical, and common stock / partial stock hybrid funds are actively laying out value style.

In addition, the popularity of institutional research was also warmer than that of the previous week. In July alone, 46 companies were surveyed by institutions. Desai Xiwei, Zhou Dasheng, Guanglianda and Yixintang are hot stocks for securities research.

The company received two batches of telephone surveys from more than 110 institutions last week, including Danshui spring, shell picking investment, new value and other star private placements. Previously, it said that the companys multi screen intelligent cockpit products have been mass produced on the ideal car, Changan Automobile and Chery Automobile, and obtained new project orders from GAC group, Great Wall Motor, Changan Automobile, Chery Automobile and Tianji automobile.

Zhou Dasheng received Kwai Shi investment, London and assets, Harvest Fund and other hundred institutions in July 1st, and its weekly growth rate reached 14.89%. The main concern was the cooperation between Zhou Dasheng and the fast brother, Simba team, and the development of live sales.

Qin Peijing, chief analyst of A-share strategy of CITIC Securities, stressed his judgment on the recent market style, saying that the make-up of undervalued stocks was not a style switch, but a short-term style rebalancing and a preview of future style switching. It is expected that the supplementary rise will continue for 1-2 weeks, but the growth rate will slow down; after the lifting pressure and performance verification, the market will return to equilibrium. From the late third quarter, finance and cycle will become one of the main lines of the next round of trend rise lasting for several months.

Source of this article: Yang Bin, editor in charge of CFA_ NF4368