China will help India 50 million tons of rice? COFCO: I havent heard of it

 China will help India 50 million tons of rice? COFCO: I havent heard of it

It is also said that 70 million tons, not 50 million tons.

According to the rumor, the news was announced by COFCO on July 1.

However, no authoritative and accurate information sources have been found on the official website of COFCO group or the social accounts of various platforms of COFCO group, including Chinese, English and Hindi news media of overseas websites.

Can see basically are some pheasant forum users in the post, a word has been taken, there is no more rich content to add. Then there are pictures of modis latest speech or a screenshot of Indian media coverage.

People with a little common sense will know that this is not true news at all. First, India is the worlds largest exporter of rice. Although there are still many people in India who have not reached the food and clothing line, it is true that the country has done so.

Indias total annual grain production is about 280 million tons, and the annual export of rice is close to 12 million tons.

For this reason, we media have written articles to ridicule China.

Importing food everywhere does not mean that there is a shortage of food supply in China. Whats the irony: how can no one think that with the improvement of peoples living standards, peoples demand for food has gradually become diversified?

Still, according to the data from the international food and Agriculture Organization in 2018, the global food production is about 2.587 billion tons. Among them, Chinas grain production is 625 million tons, accounting for 24% of the total global food production, ranking first in the world.

According to the National Bureau of statistics, the total grain production in 2018 will reach 658 million tons. Among them, the rice output was 105.8053 million tons, with a year-on-year increase of 4.08%.

In terms of rice alone, the United States Department of agriculture (USDA) roughly estimates that the global rice production in 2019 will be 49839.6 million tons.

According to USDA data, Chinas rice production in 2019 will be 146.73 million tons, accounting for 29.8%; India is the second largest rice producer in the world, accounting for 23.4% in 2019; in addition, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand are all important rice producers.

Whats more, according to the FAO, Chinas rice stocks account for nearly 70% of the worlds total reserves.

Although there are some differences between the data published by the international food and Agriculture Organization, the National Bureau of statistics and the United States Department of agriculture, the general direction is no problem.

So lets think about it

Although China is the worlds largest grain producer, it has provided free aid of 50 million tons or 70 million tons of rice to India, the worlds largest grain exporter. This figure accounts for more than 10% of Chinas total grain production. Is this possible?

This rumor is like Chinas export of oil to Saudi Arabia, iron ore to Australia, soybeans to Brazil and beef to Argentina

As a result, on microblogs, a group of big Vs were worried about the country and the people, denouncing the government for betraying the people.

Looking back at the rumors, COFCO, whose full name is COFCO Group Co., Ltd., is Chinas largest grain, oil and food import and export company and a powerful food producer.

China National Grain and oil import and Export Corporation, what the hell is this? I havent heard of it.

Now the crux of the problem is, who concocted this rumor that cant stand scrutiny? What is the purpose?

Source: editor in charge: Chen Hequn_ NB12679