Guo biting, if not a beautiful little fool, its hard to find happiness in a rich family

 Guo biting, if not a beautiful little fool, its hard to find happiness in a rich family

Gangs and powerful families, entertainment and finance are constantly involved. In essence, the upper class society at that time still felt that the actors were inferior.

But not now.

Money comes first, entertainment to death.

In fact, the cost of a star acting as a spokesperson is no less than the annual profit of a company.

One of the online celebrities exclaimed after he started his own company. To be honest, I felt that the company looked formal. It sounded like a great force. She was a female entrepreneur. But how could I have less money and water in my hand.

Because the price of an advertisement for female Internet Celebrities is worth sleeping for several nights on the periphery.

There is no need.

Many female online celebrities are more willing to soak up male stars and mens love beans, and even spend money on them because they are happy.

But Wang Sicong is another matter. I have friends who say that it is not rare for Wang Sicong to buy a bag for her. But if Wang Sicong asks her to buy a bag and can be photographed, her advertising expenses can be increased by 120000 yuan.

Female stars are far away from me, I dont know, but I feel that the female stars who marry into the rich families are not really so happy.

In the entertainment empire built by money, love is the most vulnerable skin in the beauty and money trade. It can make the combination of two people look very valuable, but it is not impossible without it.

I dont know whether Guo biting loves Xiangzuo or not, but their combination seems to have too many. It seems that the other party is a very good choice, and its a pity to miss it.

Thats it.

But the decline of the day will find that they can not.

She likes small animals very much. She adopts 70 stray dogs and cats, but says to Tai that she can only keep four when she gets married.

She once dyed her red hair and liked it very much, but she said to Tai immediately why you didnt report it. After a few days, she returned to her black hair.

Xiang Jia likes her, like a well cared jewelry, car, bag.

Its the feeling of belonging. In short, it doesnt treat her as a person.

Guo bitings state is obviously very tired.

In fact, Guo biting is not a very ambitious girl.

She didnt.

She does what she likes. I met her once in Beijing, in Muji.

The most suitable girl for a rich family is either a beautiful fool or a slob who thinks that I am born on my belly for the rest of my life.

Guo biting obviously doesnt want so much money.

If a lot of money cant bring happiness, then this business is actually quite a loss.

But when you exchange some freedom, you will find that you are really unhappy.

Just like I lose weight, I think I will be happy if I lose weight, but I find that many times I will be unhappy because I cant eat.

The moment Gatsby raised his glass, he didnt understand Daisy was not his lover, the moonlight was.

Guo biting in the moment of being selected by the elite, there is no way to refuse, no one can refuse.

Money is like water far away, but it cant solve the thirst.

She wanted to dye her hair. She missed her stray cat. She wanted to be idealistic. She didnt want to have a baby too soon.

They let these girls have children, but theyre not sure who they are.

People are looking into their lives, chasing what they do not have, without exception.