Hailu has long accepted the elimination and not red.

 Hailu has long accepted the elimination and not red.

I havent had a deep impression on land and sea.

Therefore, there are many fans of huanzhu gege, hoping to see another trend of the story in the new version. With this mentality, we are curious about the new huanzhu Ge Ge Ge.

Although the ratings of the new huanzhu gege were not as good as the old version when it was launched, it could be said that it was absolutely unique in the TV series of the same period.

The plot of new huanzhu Ge Ge cant be regarded as bad. Qiong Yao has tried her best to restore the innocence that the audience most miss in the first film: the innocence of love and the innocence of human nature.

In new huanzhu Ge Ge Ge, she still describes the feelings between swallow and frog brother very beautiful and pure, which is the kind of love that young people will have.

Even, Qiong Yao also accepted everyones suggestions. Instead of writing the swallow too madly, as in the second book, she wrote little swallow very close to what she looked like when she first created the character - natural, open-minded, straightforward and pure.

Even in the late stage, it didnt collapse into Huang Yis version of little woman. I really cant imagine that the swordswoman little swallow in the third part can be brainwashed into that way by brother Wu. You know, the first two films are obviously Xiaoyans own opinions, and no one can change her will.

The best change in the plot of new huanzhu Ge Ge Ge is to maintain the rationality of the characters growth. Even though the little swallow in the play has experienced ups and downs of love, it is only in the natural and unrestrained nature that the experience will inevitably bring about that kind of mature, stable and essentially unchanged - a new type of woman with the heroic spirit of the river and lake.

Therefore, when I stopped looking at the new huanzhu Ge Ge Ge with a deliberately critical attitude, I admitted that Qiongyao still used her heart.

The worst thing about the new version is actually the casting.

When watching the birth of an actor, I remember Ren Suxi said that the most important thing for a character to succeed is the actor and the character image.

Zhao Weis head teacher at that time did not agree with her to play crape myrtle (the first one was Zhao Wei playing crape myrtle), saying that if she had to play huanzhu Ge Ge Ge, then only the role of little swallow was suitable for her.

Thats why.

However, the main role selection of new huanzhuge is how to get awkward.

Maybe Qiongyao is too fond of the swallow shaped by Zhao Wei, so she insists that Li Sheng, who looks a little like Zhao Wei, will play the swallow.

But it looks like a God.

And then Ill go back to the land and sea that Im going to focus on today.

Sea and land give people the feeling that there is a distance from a lady. She is more like that kind of small family jade, with a little aggrieved Baba temperament, but it is not that kind of temperament to be a servant girl.

In costume drama, shes the kind of girl who lives in a small town and lives an ordinary life, which is kind of lovable, but you know shes not the kind of girl who can make great achievements.

She is not suitable for the open and close court drama, but the kind of small house drama is very suitable for her.

Make complaints about the time when the Lagerstroemia was performed. When almost all bullet screen comments were made, she said she had no tolerance.

Qiongyao in the play also endows her with the skill of cooking, so every time she comes out, I always feel with emotion. Alas, in fact, Hailu has the temperament of a beautiful cook. If she plays Liu Wuer in a dream of Red Mansions, she will be brilliant.

(if you compare the stills, you can see why Zhao Liying became popular.)

No matter how good an actor is, there are always some roles that he cant be competent for. Zhou Xun, a gifted player, also played Huang Rong in an indescribable way. Zhang Ziyi, whose grandfather enjoyed food, also acted in pieces in very perfect. Even Zhou Dongyu, who is generally acknowledged to be a good actor, has no soul in sparrow.

No matter how talented you are and how hard you try, you cant escape the word suitable. Later, Zhou Dongyu became smart and said that he would never play the role of the peerless beauty, because it was not suitable.

This is still a mature actor.

If it is a newcomer, encounter not suitable for their own role, it is basically a tragedy.

Because people are installed in a shell that is not suitable for their own, it is inevitable that they will have a sense of formality, and they will not be confident. But Xia Ziwei, how proud a woman she is.

As you can see in the elder sister of riding the wind and the waves, Hai Lu is a kind of girl who is a little afraid and not confident enough. She is often on the verge of emotional collapse.

Such her, and Xia Ziweis heart, is completely contrary to.

She and the swallow can become sisters because they are the same in their souls. They are the big women who will never give up no matter how hard they are and can be their own masters.

However, Hailu, even in such a program as sister riding the wind and waves, I dont think she is a powerful elder sister.

She is not sa, she is charming and simple, she is that kind of sister type, is the kind of soft girl who is not strong in the bone.

Its the kind of person who is not suitable for fame and wealth in the entertainment industry, but it must be very suitable to be a close friend.

In the play, she never found a suitable way for herself (to tell the truth, her appearance and acting way will be relatively narrow). Besides, she is not a enterprising person who is delayed year by year, which is almost her destiny.

The elder sister of riding the wind and breaking the waves is a kind of unexpected harvest at sea and land.

But in addition, she also has a small detail that I particularly like, that is, when she was eliminated from the first public performance, she was always in an unstable mood. Instead, she said frankly to Wanxi, sissy, you can read the result directly..

Hailu didnt cry all the time and said with a smile that his vote was 24. Then, just like going out shopping any day, I left the stage naturally.

At that moment, I fell in love with her.

What a frank girl, not because of the number of votes and pinching, there is no sense of arrogance, she is a real, accept their own ordinary, accept their own not red girl.

Not everyone has to win.

Red is not the only way out of life. Elimination in Vanity Fair does not mean being eliminated in life.

People who can learn how to hold on to the losers are actually great.

Really, do sisters have to win? To be able to shake hands with fate and live a mediocre life is not a kind of luck.

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