Li Ziqi was plagiarized by Vietnamese bloggers: going fast depends on luck, going far to fight for strength

 Li Ziqi was plagiarized by Vietnamese bloggers: going fast depends on luck, going far to fight for strength

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Li Ziqi is on the hot search again.

What makes people laugh and cry this time is that some netizens found that a Vietnamese blogger imitated Li Ziqis original video in all aspects, from clothes and makeup to kitchen, environment, even camera language and shooting techniques.

Her video is so detailed that even Li Ziqis habit of making watermark in the lower right corner of the video has not been let off.

After the incident was picked out and fermented, the Vietnamese blogger couldnt sit still. She stressed that she only lived in a village in northern Vietnam and photographed her life and food But all sorts of things all point to the fact, not so simple.

What makes people even more angry is that at present, the single video broadcast volume of the blogger has reached one million, and the cumulative playing volume has reached ten million.

Because of its ultra-high flow and transmission speed, many foreign netizens think Li Ziqi is Vietnamese.

This is not the first time that Li Ziqi has been imitated. For a long time, many foreign bloggers have been directly carrying videos and matching them with local languages.

As a result, Li Ziqi was forced to record a bilingual video to clarify: I am a Chinese.

Netizens are angry at these copy and paste behaviors, saying that this is just a bad imitation show of imitating others, learning from the outside, not copying from the inside.

In recent years, with the development of the Internet, this kind of low-quality imitation and plagiarism phenomenon emerge in endlessly, and set off a boom again and again, but it soon left the scene.


The flood of Internet red video, but a false image

In all kinds of APP implosion video, almost no less imitation.

After Li Jiaqi became popular, countless beauty bloggers were OMG, buy him, buy him.

South African beauty blogger imitates Li Jiaqis OMG

The whole network is almost the same eating and broadcasting video.

At midnight, a table of super high calorie food is served, and the sound is recorded at close range.

Some netizens make complaints about these videos: these videos are just for a person, but the content has not changed at all.

The popularity of short video has produced numerous similar content products. From the early eat broadcast video, to the special effects simulation show, refresh the flow of online red video again and again.

In the past two years, numerous star imitation videos have sprung up like mushrooms. After clicking on their home page, all of them are imitated from the perspective of stars. Even the sounds are very similar, making it difficult to distinguish the true from the false.

Zhao Liying, Jay Chou, dilireba and other stars have all been able to avoid the imitation of the Shanzhai, and some fans even misunderstand that Jay Chou is himself.

After they have accumulated a certain number of fans with the bonus of imitation, they begin to bring goods live, regardless of others scolding and questioning, and blindly look at money.

Just last year, fan Yixian, a Shanzhai Lin Junjie, was accused by Lin Junjies team for cheating by using his name to make a profit by taking advantage of his appearance.

Before that, Han Hong also publicly reprimanded fan Yixian, saying that he bullies people too much and is too shameless..

In this era of flow supremacy, there are too many flash in the pan, even most of them are just plastic Epiphyllum.


Unlimited catering is destroying you

When a person is blindly blinded by the voice of the market, it is difficult to really think about something.

Last year, pica Chen, a tumbler girl, turned red with a twinkle and a smile, and brought a fire to Changan city with more than 1.5 billion visitors, bringing more than 100000 daily traffic to the scenic spot.

But even with more beautiful music and exquisite make-up, it is still not worth the pickup.

Even in order to seek uniqueness, he created some funny imitation posture.

It is obvious that no matter how many tumbler girls come out, no one can surpass picasson.

Before she became popular, she passed the selection of one hundred people. She has been playing the little sister of the tumbler for three months and has played dozens of roles.

Behind the seemingly easy swing in the video, it is the result of painful training day and night.

The props of the tumbler in the early stage were made of pure iron, weighing 500 Jin. Only a short period of training would cause bruises on the knees and crotch bones.

She not only stuck to it, but also used seven years of classical dance foundation to add performance design suitable for her own style.

After the fire, she is still not arrogant and impetuous, claiming that she is just a dancer. The performance of the tumbler hopes to give everyone a sense of national self-confidence, which is connotative and not only a performance.

A persons charm, to a large extent, stems from the strength of being loyal to oneself.

No one is always infatuated with a similar rose, and no one is willing to always focus on a replica.


Core competitiveness is the foundation to stand firm

In order to photograph the rice harvest, she can dry from dark till sunset;

In order to pick, she can climb the cliff with her bare hands, even if she falls down from the mountain without saying a word;

To make a pot of traditional soy sauce, she can start by planting soybeans.

Every step of her walk is steady and solid, and the 20881 pieces of material in her hands have all spent a lot of hard work.

The microblog of assistant Li Ziqi

Because of this, she can steadily output high-quality works, tell every Chinese story, and slowly spread Chinese culture.

This is the core competitiveness that others cant easily replicate, and its also the reason why shes so popular all over the world.

Tagore said: the pain you suffer today, the loss you suffer, the responsibility you bear, the sin you bear, and the pain you endure will eventually become light, illuminating your path.

Everything youve gone through, every step counts. No one else has suffered like this. Naturally, you dont deserve the applause that comes with it.

There is a hot topic on Zhihu: what kind of experience is a person with ambition but no strength?

There is a Gao Zans reply: those who are ambitious but have no strength are mostly because they have seen too many things that dont belong to them.

But because of this, we began to ignore what happened behind it.

What is often overlooked is the real core.


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