Mother in law biased her brother-in-law, but her husband couldnt look down on it. She was a woman of bearing when she dealt with it in this way

 Mother in law biased her brother-in-law, but her husband couldnt look down on it. She was a woman of bearing when she dealt with it in this way

The handling of this problem varies from person to person and is closely related to parents practice and guidance.

My best friend is a family of two brothers, and her husband is the eldest.

Its a pity that this eldest son is not treated by her parents in law. She prefers her younger son.

When they got married, gave birth to children and bought a house, their mother-in-law did not give a cent, let alone contributed.

If the parents in law have no money and the economic conditions are not allowed, it can also be understood.

The key is: her father-in-law is open-door business, income is not poor, the annual rent alone is 200000.

The younger brother-in-law is still unmarried and wants to buy a car, so his mother-in-law directly pays for it.

In order to let my brother-in-law get married as soon as possible, my mother-in-law also bought a house. It is said that the mother-in-law is saving money for the bride price of the youngest son.

Almost all the money is left for the younger son by default, and has nothing to do with the eldest son.

Why is the attitude towards the two sons so different? Its just because the youngest son was weak and sickly when he was a child.

Parents feel that they owe their little son, and they want to make up for it. Even now the elder brother-in-law is 27 years old and strong.

As for the feelings of the two brothers, it is not cold or light, usually there is no too much contact, something is just a few words on the phone.

The husband of a good friend can only rely on himself, and even the wedding dowry money, with his own savings.

My best friend had a child after marriage. She once let the child go to her father-in-law for a period of time. Unexpectedly, as long as the husband and wife did not buy meat in time or did not give living expenses, the parents in law would feed the children to eat porridge, which was also an abominable behavior of grandparents.

At least with her parents, she didnt have to worry about her children being hungry and cold.


However, my best friend is quite clear: how much money the mother-in-law has is their business. They can arrange as they like. As children, they are not qualified to care.

In addition, the mother-in-law did not help her when she needed it most, nor did she give financial assistance, and she was not good to her children. She will remember this hatred.

After all, if her husbands father-in-law cant stop her from raising her father-in-law.

Between her and her parents in law, its OK to keep the courtesy and reciprocity on the face. They dont contact each other at ordinary times. They are out of sight and out of mind.

After listening to my best friends idea, I praised her: she lives well and carries it clearly.

When her eyes are focused on her small family, there will be less resentment, and naturally she will not pay too much attention to mother-in-law and brother-in-law.

Throughout the innumerable families, where there are many brothers and sisters, the internal strife caused by parents behavior is countless.

What I fear most in a family of two brothers, like my best friend, is that because of the unfair behavior of my parents in law, they instigate their husband to ask for it from their parents, which will directly lead to family conflicts and eventually make a lot of noise.


If you want a good marriage, you should adjust your mentality.

If you think marriage is sweet, its sweet. If you think marriage is bitter, its bitter.

In the vast sea of people, marriage is a gift from heaven.

In order to enjoy the true love in the world, the husband and wife should love their marriage as well as their own eyes, cherish each other, do not give up easily, and have more understanding and support.


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