Parents bad feelings, but I harvest happiness: dont be too picky in the best marriage

 Parents bad feelings, but I harvest happiness: dont be too picky in the best marriage

My husband and I have been in love for 3 years, married for 2 years, and lived together for several years, forming a lot of tacit understanding.

When he cooked a meal, he would first serve a bowl of hot soup for me to drink. Two people had three meals, four seasons, and cycle.

Holidays or anniversaries, if it happens to be a holiday, we will cook together, cook a big meal, and open a bottle of red wine.

If its a weekday, well buy a small cake to celebrate. The price doesnt need to be very expensive. Even if its only 20 yuan, well be very happy because our heart is in place.

Its also a way for us to maintain our relationships - to share with each other in a timely manner.

It can be seen that sharing can double happiness. Similarly, in marriage, a partner who knows how to share will inevitably turn one persons happiness into two peoples happiness.

Persevere, we are like lovers in love, we have endless words.

Hes the one I wake up in the middle of the night to talk, and Im the one who understands his appetite.

Our marriage, never so in tune, became the rhythm of Waltz together.


In fact, my original family, my parents, seem to have never learned how to get along with each other in their whole life. As long as they communicate more than five words, they will lead to a bloodbath, and their relationship is once incompatible.

When I was a child, there were several times when the pots and pans at home were smashed to pieces by them, and even the neighbors came to fight.

In terms of the concept of running a family, my father is also very manly. He thinks that men only need to earn money outside.

My mother is in charge of the three meals a day, cleaning and housework.

In this way, my mother has been married for many years, always complaining that my father is not a good man, and my father also thinks that my mother has no other woman to make money. They are not satisfied with their lives, and they criticize each other endlessly.

This kind of fastidiousness has become the fatal wound of their marriage, just like a chronic poison.

People ah, once you have a critical heart, in their own eyes, the other side is nothing, do anything can not satisfy themselves.

But in fact, my mother is much better at work than my father. She is just not good at housework.

My fathers painting level is very good. He once caused heated discussion in our local area by teaching children to draw, and reported frequently.

Until I graduated from college, they officially divorced, I was relieved.

However, the divorce was not so smooth, and the two of them were fighting over property issues.

They all feel that the family is supported by themselves, and the other party has not paid anything at all.

As if you are the victim of this marriage, you need more money to incline to yourself in order to get compensation.

For such a native family, such parents, bring me only pain and hate.

However, I am well aware that there are problems with their views on marriage and relationship and their mode of getting along with each other. I cant because they have affected my own marriage. I dont want to repeat the same mistakes. I have tried my best to cure this kind of injury.

Fortunately, I met a good boy, and later he became my husband.

My husband is very nice, elegant temperament, his parents love each other, let him know what kind of marriage is happiness.

Whats important is that you have unlimited love for your partner and are willing to build a family together.

Both men and women, in fact, have suffered different degrees of pressure in their respective roles.

Men, facing the dual pressure from family and work, are very hard.

As for women, they need to consider the pain of having children and the bitterness of parenting.

But always remember:

The two people in marriage are the community of destiny and the relationship of partners.

No matter what happens, we should face it together. We should not abandon or give up. We should learn to share the responsibility.

In this way, even if life will experience too much suffering, two people will feel a little more happy.


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