Sunshine you, the most blessed

 Sunshine you, the most blessed

His face was covered with smiles.

There is a cloud in my heart,

His face was full of gloom.

Sad every day.

Sunny you,

Most blessed!

Sunny you,

Eat and sleep well,

Be a generous person;

I can take it up and put it down,

I can see through and think freely,

Be a man of understanding;

Stand upright and walk straight,

To be a noble man;

Sing well and laugh sweetly,

Be an optimistic person.

Money is outside the body,

Dont value money too much;

Life is too short,

Gains and losses are common,

Look down on the light.

Health is the most important thing,

Take care of your life.

Learn to be kind to others

Be kind to others,

Its good for you;

Treat yourself well,

It is a matter of course;

Be kind to the weak,

When you are happy, you should be less arrogant,

Dont forget yourself if you are less arrogant;

Speak less when you are angry,

Less words may calm things down;

Try to persuade yourself when you are upset,

Dont be hard on yourself;

When you quarrel, persuade yourself,

Dont punish yourself for the mistakes of others.

Victory is easy to get carried away;

Dont lose heart when you fail,

In the face of setbacks, we should be more energetic;

Before gain and loss, we should be calm,

Dont hurt harmony for a moments gain and loss;

In order not to ruin the reputation of regret;

Dont be too greedy in front of money,

The most valuable thing in the world is not gold and silver,

Dont be greedy about things outside your body,

Dont be nostalgic.

You know,

The fruit irrigated by your own sweat is the sweetest!

The world of fireworks,

No one lives in paradise,

The world is complicated,

Life is changeable,

Its like a string thats hard to tune.

Life is full of flavors,

Calm and calm,


In the face of all difficulties,

A smile relieved!

Its decided by the weather,

Its up to me,

Life is not troubled.

There is no obstacle,

There is no mountain that cannot be turned over.

I cant hold on forever,

Hold on to the present.

People who write down capital letters in this life,

Dont leave regret in life!

Always keep a childlike innocence,

Try to keep a healthy body,

Happy heart without sorrow;

Is your good fortune!


Caiyun pursues the moon, a teacher, was rated as a expert in composition teaching by six newspapers and magazines in Shanghai.